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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - April 1971

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of April 1971.

Toni and Martha seemed to be getting along well working and living together. Toni went out on a date with Mike after Hank arranged for the intern to get a night off. It was a positive experience until Toni made a comment that upset him. Basically, she said it was immature of him to not talk to his father about being a surgeon. Matt and Mike had a good talk, and Matt admitted it is easier to be near a surgery when involved in doing the work than just observing. This made Mike feel better, and Matt too as the men finally weren't arguing. They were getting along and not just for Maggie or Greta's sake. Mike went back to the lab and told Toni, she was right and what happened with his Dad. They made up and will continue to see each other when possible.

Maggie came home from the hospital, but there is still no evidence of Hank, the  man who she believes kidnapped her. Matt and Maggie were intimate. In an amusing scene, while standing up Matt was shirtless, but in bed he had a pajama top. Was this normal for the 70s? Maggie also changed her hair. In the best news for the family, John Morrison got Greta to no longer fear Althea. She and John shared this, and now Greta even wants to learn how to use a sewing machine. Greta also wished that the rag doll, Althea had gotten her hadn't been thrown out as it may have been able to be salvaged. Months ago, Greta had torn it up, but she drew a picture of it for Althea.

John and Althea continued to grow closer. He proposed. She said she wasn't ready to fail at a third marriage. Nick is still lurking, and John finally admitted that he knew Althea in the past. Nick and Althea also had issue because of the anniversary of Buddy's death.  John was understanding after accidentally bringing up the sore issue.

Steve got everything he wanted professionally as he passed his exams, and was made a senior staff member in obstetrics. (Thankfully Steve is not Carolee's pre-natal doctor.) Matt didn't understand his non-reaction to all of the good news though. Cathy now knows something is going on between Steve and Carolee, but doesn't know he is the father of her fetus. When Cathy thought she had a chance with Dr. Aldrich, she was decent, but now she's acting crazy. Billy doesn't know what is going on except that Carolee and his father no longer sleep in the same wrong. He blamed himself. Dan continues to call Steve, Carolee's lover, which upsets her, but even though they only spent one weekend with each other before she married Dan, they are in love. If Steve had his way, Carolee would get a divorce from Dan now, and marry him. Dan though said he doesn't want to give Carolee a divorce ever. If Carolee moves out, Dan will tell the board about Steve's immoral behavior destroying all the work he has done.

Those were the highlights of April 1971. I appreciated how the anniversary of Buddy's death was handled. He hasn't been mentioned on screen in a long time.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your recaps on The Doctors! I try not to miss it on Retro TV but I still get a little lost sometimes. .