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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Not Safe for Daytime from CBS

CBS Daytime started a new thing on their YouTube channel called "Not Safe for Daytime". It looks to be various videos made for the humor factor for fans of the network. Below are my thoughts on the offerings so far.

The first video was a promo, which as just a promo wasn't shocking or surprising. People from "The Bold and the Beautiful", "The Young and the Restless", "The Talk", "Let's Make a Deal" and "The Price is Right" were all involved.

Here is a embedded link to all of the videos in playlist form (six as of April 26, 2016):

So far, they've had three different kinds of videos: advertising parody, game show/party game with stars, and soap opera parody. All that has been released so far includes soap performers not game or talk celebs.

The advertising parody starred Pierson Fodé, and is double entandre, with him eating a burger. The statements made are supposed to be about the food, but actually are about him. There was an ad campaign in the past with such material, which was banned.

Y&R's Steve Burton and Josh Morrow, played a "whisper challenge" party game, where each guy had to guess what the other was saying, while wearing noise cancelling headphones. A lot of it was very inside baseball, like Three Deep, Josh's boy band in the 90s, or "Out of This World", a syndicated sitcom which Steve was on over 20 years ago. This was made into two parts, but it could have been just one as together it was less than 10 minutes of material.

The soap parody was called "The New Yorkers", which seems like a quick play on the now seemingly retired skit "The Californians" on "Saturday Night Live". What was nice about this was that the actors involved seldom work in each other stories on B&B. A love triangle was between characters played by Linsey Godfrey (Vikki), Karla Mosley (Liz), and Scott Clifton. Since Linsey and Scott, play cousins, typically a soap wouldn't pair them. The twist was that Scott ended up playing twins named Tony and Ethan. John McCook also appeared as Dr. Lipowitz (who I wish was a shrink named Dr. Lipschitz) who pronounced Vikki pregnant with Tony's kid even though she shouldn't be able to be pregnant, and while Liz was upset at first, she had feelings for her husband's twin. The accents were strong and a bit ridiculous, but I think that was the point. Of course, one thing I would have done since it was a parody was show the Statue of Liberty from its behind, as that's the view you get, as it looks towards New Jersey. I also wish this was shown in one segment, due to length.

I'm glad they are doing all different sorts of videos for Not Safe for Daytime. I hope a lot of different people are involved so everyone has something to enjoy.

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