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Monday, April 4, 2016

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - March 2016

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" during March of 2016. This is based on the UK air dates on Channel 4.

Eventually the money in Jade's fund was replaced. Jack took it, but Darren lied and said it was him. Later he helped Tony gamble, and due to James' interference Tony didn't get the money. The main reason that Darren didn't want Tony to get the funds is that he didn't want the Hutch to break down the wall where Patrick's body was hidden. Alfie has cancer and shaved his hair so both he and Jade are bald. Cindy overheard Alfie and Jade talking and shared the information with the Nightingales. They were all upset Alfie hadn't said anything. Rachel had been going to the appointments, and kept it from the others.

Robbie and Jason mended fences and went to South Africa to be with their mother. Holly and Cleo had gone to the airport to stop the trip, but Holly changed her mind. She was done with hurting both of them. On the way home, Holly ran into Nathan and Rachel's car. Sadly, Rachel died after being stuck as the car exploded later. Rachel and Nathan had planned to go to South America, because they loved the movie "Up", which if you've seen the film was major foreshadowing. Cleo said she was driving as Holly was drinking. Due to the lie, Diego lost his job at the Dog in the pond. Pete was still somewhat lurking around, though Tony confronted him due to what happened the previous month with Cleo.

Liam, a new guy in town, was playing Tegan and Celine against one another. He is Grace's half-brother. They hadn't seen each other in years. Myra had to admit to Diego, she was older than he believed and they couldn't get pregnant the old fashioned way. We also found out that Myra had a past relationship with Sally, when she still lived as a man. Sally was John Paul's biological father, which is why she was so interested in him. Sally wanted to tell JP the truth, but changed her mind after hearing JP tell Scott he didn't need another parent. Scott thought that JP was interested in him, but he wasn't. Earlier, Scott had admitted he was a virgin. (He had an allergic reaction, while in a clown suit. He was an awful clown, who didn't even know how to make decent balloon animals, and Esther helped him out with that.)

Trevor and Sienna were hooking up while Nico went out of control. Nico accidentally on purpose poisoned Theresa. Thankfully, Theresa survived, as Nico realized she didn't want her to die even if it meant a kidney. Nico though freaked out and fought with her mother, stabbing her. Sienna lied to protect her daughter again, but mainly because she was afraid of her. Theresa left Hollyoaks with her kids in tow as she didn't have a romantic relationship or even a job.

Cameron planted drugs, which were discovered so Ste and Harry lost their place to live with the Lomaxes. The cocaine was actually Tegan's, but Ste didn't want his sister to lose her daughter. They were homeless and did things to try to get a nights rest at different people's homes. Unfortunately, each time it backfired. Earlier due to James machinations, Tony got Ste to give up his part of the restaurant. This is why Ste didn't have any way to pay for somewhere to live. Joe still has no idea that Freddie is the father of Lindsey's baby. Kim is in prison awaiting trial for Lindsey's crimes. When Esther visited Kath, she became upset about Lindsey. Freddie hooked up with Marnie before he knew that Ellie was her daughter.

Joanne and Lisa/Sonia have a pact that they won't tell on each other. Joanne and Louis former sexual relationship was discovered by Simone. The family is in tatters. Sonia though was really upset when she realized that Joanne used to live with the real Lisa's kidnapper.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for March 2016. A lot happened this month with many of the stories, which was appreciated. It felt like they kicked the plots into a slightly higher gear.

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