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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Days Leaving Pop

Earlier this week, Pop aired a banner during "Days of Our Lives" advising that they're pulling the show. It won't be on anymore on their channel effective the week of April 17, 2016 as it has been eliminated from website listings.

Daytime Confidential contacted Pop, for additional information. To read their story click here.

I'm not surprised this happened even if it is frustrating. Pop was a decent back up if there was a pre-emption, as NBC posts their episodes the next day. Of course, once Pop was taken off the tier it had been on in my area, I stopped watching it as often as the television near the desktop computer could no longer get the channel. I doubt I was the only one who had that experience. I hope NBC/Comcast will eventually allow Days to be made available on demand like the other soaps. Even if it is a day behind, it will give another option for people who don't have quick internet access.

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