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Friday, January 1, 2016

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - December 2015

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" during December of 2015. This is based on the UK air dates on Channel 4.

Leela and Peri moved away temporarily because Leela couldn't deal with Tegan and Ziggy. Tegan and Ziggy got into a fight and broke up yet again. He tried to make it up to her, and Peri wanted to return to the village as she missed her family. Ziggy rescued Leela from a gas explosion set by Cameron as Cam felt if his ex was keeping him from their daughter. Ziggy and Tegan reconciled at Christmas and were happy until he passed away in his sleep from an injury sustained in the explosion. Everyone was distraught and the Roscoes were sad with the loss of yet another brother.

John Paul and Ste met at the bridge at Christmas, but decided to end their relationship. They were best mates, not soulmates. Out of frustration with Tony turning in Ste to the police, Harry moved out of his home. Ste and Harry were back together, while JP realized he needed someone new.

Lindsay considered to be more unhinged. She kept Kim in the hospital for seemingly weeks to keep her quiet. She woke up in time to appear at Freddie's funeral. No one knows yet that Freddie is alive and in witness protection. Freddie became extremely upset about Ziggy's death, but when the copper called him David, he was confused causing a bit of amusement on my part.

Sonia has feelings for her fake brother Zack and told him the truth. He was disgusted, but kept quiet once they discovered that Simone had a miscarriage. Zack and Theresa were on and off as he wanted more than someone interested in sex with him and Theresa knew the truth about Sonia. Jade passed out and may have cancer. Her foster family found out and Nancy acted as if she was ill, but Jade told the truth. The ragtag family wanted to be there for her.

Tom had a very low key birthday party as only his family was in attendance. Of course, if everyone who fostered him was there or their relations that would have been a huge event. Esther made a marzipan topper in Tom's image with Grace nearly destroyed. Later on New Year's Eve, Esther kissed Grace, and Grace walked away quickly though she spied a kissing Nancy and Darren.

Cameron is holding Lockie hostage, because Lockie figured out that something was wrong with his brother's mental state. Lockie had planned to leave town with Porsche, but she went on the run with her mother Reenie instead. Since the police knew that Reenie ran down Pete, she was going to prison. The two women reconciled after Porsche discovered she was conceived after her mother was raped. She tossed the blood money from her biological father around the town making some people very happy.

Jason proposed to Holly and she said yes. Nico thought the proposal was for her, which was rather embarrassing. Nico got upset with her mother and beat her. Sienna lied about it, though Maxine knew the truth. Maxine still was planning to help Patrick die, but Sienna couldn't do it. Holly was away on a trip with her rich friends so Jason and Robbie were alone together in the garage.

Mercedes and Joe's relationship was on a seesaw, and Lindsay wanted them not to be together. If she had her way, Mercedes would be dead and Joe would be in her arms. More than once Lindsay interfered. Joe was devastated to find out that he was Gabriel's biological dad. Myra and her boyfriend had fun, unlike the rest of the McQueen clan.

The Nightingale family had some drama as Nathan and his fiance fought after he kissed someone else. Ellie ran into the not so dead Freddie, while out of town trying to visit her mother. With Tom's help, Alfie tried to find out if Tony was his dead. That said Tom didn't know which fork belonged to Tony and which belonged to Mac, so this will cause confusion later I would presume.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for December 2015. I am so hoping that the new year brings the end of Lindsay's reign of terror. I was amazed how quickly Porsche and Reenie left and that Ziggy's death hadn't been spoiled. I'm incredibly bummed about Ziggy as he was like the real life embodiment of that old song "I'm too Sexy", he was dense, but sweet. I wonder how much of the cast will change in the coming months as it seems like an era for change at "Hollyoaks".

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