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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

GH: Likes & Yikes 2015

Here is my list of likes & yikes for "General Hospital" in 2015.

Some of these may be a bit controversial, and others much less so here we go.

Yikes: Duke dies within episodes of the Nurses Ball causing a pall on the celebration as he was gunned down by Carlos on Julian's orders. Then Anna believes she killed Carlos in cold blood, but he isn't dead oh and he's the father of Sabrina's baby.

Likes/Yikes: The popularity of Julian and Alexis. They began their relationship due to sex in a car. Some may see it as rape (she was underage with a fake id), she was drinking and he was in college. Due to Sam's age, one should note that people only had to be 18 to drink in a bar not 21, so the age difference may not be as heinous as it could be. Anyway, if one is a Duke and/or Anna fan they have legitimate reasons to not like Julian and Alexis as a couple as they have the life that Duke and Anna fans wanted for years. Julian became a "better man" for Alexis, went legit and they are with their shared family, while Duke is dead and Anna is miserable. Since Julian caused Anna to miscarry years ago they have a legit reason to be upset. The Duke and Anna fans are left with only memories, while Julian and Alexis have their happiness. (I see both sides of the story, and understand the frustration.)

Likes/Yikes: Michael went to the Q side, and then due to Sabrina made a complete 180. Since Michael is acting like a Corinthos again and Nik hasn't had to give up ELQ due to his lies, the whole story was a waste. (I liked seeing Sonny and Michael fighting for a real reason that had nothing to do with mental illness.)

Yikes: Due to the birth of Avery, all of the younger cast except for TJ is related to one another by blood or circumstance if not directly. This is a problem. Unless someone's paternity or maternity is changed, it is just weird. (If Michael stayed acting like a Q, I would have advocated Michael and Kristina as they are half-siblings via adoption and only started interacting as family in high school.)

Yikes: How long it took for Jason to find out his identity. I think if the story had been shorter, I would have enjoyed it more. By the time it came out it was anticlimactic.

Likes/Yikes: Luke's departure due to Tony Geary retiring from the show. The reason for the mixed review is I was very glad that Jonathan Jackson visited and was on for a few days in a meaningful way (unlike Emma Samms and Nathan Parsons who came and frustrated audiences with how Holly forgot things she actually saw). Luke's backstory changed more than once, and that was frustrating. So what people figured it out, that's what happened. My favorite part other than Tony with Jonathan was the material between Tony and Jackie Zeman's Bobbie and I wish they had ended his run with them together as it had began in the 70s.

Likes: Genie Francis came back as Laura and not just for Luke. She got actual story being there for her kids after he departed. She was also given a contract, hopefully in 2016, she gets something about herself that has nothing to do with mental stability.

Yikes: Silas was murdered by his former mother-in-law ending Donna Mills run on the show. The whole story was a bit frustrating, and the wrap up was too.

Likes: The goodbye scene between Howarth and Alderson not that it had anything really to do with GH, but everything about One Life to Live, but I digress.

Likes: Nina and Franco are less cartoon-like. If they want to keep Stafford and Howarth on the show, they needed to "fix" them even if it is difficult due to all the bad things they've done it has helped some. I like them being kept out of the psych ward and not threatening to kill people, the bad entertaining couple has been done before so it isn't unheard of. That said if other characters come to love them as friends, another thing entirely.

Yikes: Valerie, Dante, Lulu and Dillon, I think we're supposed to care about this quad, but I just want it over. Dillon and Lulu were never a great love, so anything about them being more than they were is frustrating. Also, if Maxie would support Lulu and Dillon I'd get really annoyed as they broke her sister Georgie's heart.

Likes: Even if it is a short stint, glad to see Johnny back on screen with Lulu.

Yikes: Ava being Denise, and Morgan being that dumb to not recognize her after they had sex. Morgan isn't that book smart, but he should have realized it was the same woman as he was intimate with Ava numerous times.

Likes: That things are a bit "tighter" though I wish that we would have resolution for everyone that is off screen that we may not see again. Closure can be so important.

That's my short list of what I liked and didn't on GH in 2015.

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