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Saturday, January 9, 2016

GH: Goodbye Patrick, Emma and Robin

Thursday, January 7, 2016 marked the departure of Patrick (Jason Thompson), Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) and Robin (Kimberly McCullough) from Port Charles and "General Hospital". The family had a happy reunion before moving to Berkeley, California. Below I will write my thoughts about all of it.

On the ABC site, an extended version of their goodbye episode was posted, which includes an introduction by Finola Hughes (Anna). I'm uncertain how long this link will be good for though I know it only works from US IP addresses.

I'm glad that Patrick, Robin and Emma got a happy ending and will live their lives off screen together. Jason Thompson's departure to "The Young and the Restless" necessitated this write off as GH decided not to recast the role of Patrick Drake. To give Patrick and Emma their happiness, Kimberly McCullough agreed to return as Robin, to reunite the family. Robin was being held hostage, and couldn't be with her family by Helena. Helena died, Jerry took over, but Anna and Robert (Tristan Rogers) aided Patrick to find his estranged former wife. Everyone finally found out why Robin abandoned her daughter, and that she was not a deadbeat as she actually was a prisoner forced to do scientific research.

On the last episode with the Scorpio-Drake family, the couple renewed their vows in front of their assembled friends and family. Mac (John J. York) performed the ceremony as he got "ordained" online. Maxie arranged everything and sat with her mother Felicia during the event. Liz was with Robin's parents and Emma. Sonny, Carly and Jason sat together though Jason didn't want to stay once he realized it was such a large event. (For PC, this was a small event though.) Even though Jason doesn't remember Robin, he does realize that she is important to him. The bride wore blue and Emma the flower girl wore white. They made promises to one another, but made their vows to Emma. Robert and Anna also said they weren't giving Robin away, because they would intercede if either thought something wrong happened to their daughter's family. After Mac pronounced them married, we later saw them share cake. Carly got a chocolate covered cake with bon voyage written on it instead of a traditional wedding cake, which made sense for a lot of reasons. During the party, Robin thought back to her relationship with Patrick, and we got a montage to music. After everyone else left, Robin, Patrick and Emma were going to leave for their flight with Robin's parents driving them to the airport. The last look we got of the family was of Emma holding hands with both of her parents on their front step.

Due to the departures, certain things like Liz lying causing Patrick and Sam to be together was not discussed. Also, Robin and Patrick didn't see everyone in town or on screen like Epiphany, who was so vital to their early relationship. While Robin wasn't as close to Monica or Tracy, she did have a relationship with them through the hospital. Emma didn't get to see goodbye to her friends, though she was given a plane ticket by Anna, so she may come to visit.

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