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Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year's Eve in Soapland

Below is my summary of what happened during the New Year's Eve related soap episodes. Some shows are continuing story into the new year, so I'll only write about them once completed.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" really didn't celebrate New Year's so there is nothing to write about it.

"Days of Our Lives" had a fashion show, where Paul and Gabi were the lead models for Basic Black. Nearly everyone in town was there whether to cheer Theresa on or watch her fail.  The fashion show went well as Kate's plan to derail Theresa didn't work. Fyn from the hospital went with Ava, the teens were there, but couldn't drink. Eric on the other hand got blasted, he drove, as did Brady with Daniel in his car, and Jennifer. An accident happened and that seems to be the sad New Year's story.

"General Hospital" had a party at the Haunted Star that no one really attended. Johnny was still hiding out and didn't want to be recognized, at midnight he and Lulu were alone and kissed. The only notable guests were Curtis, a cop, and Nina and Franco who started kissing and decided they wanted to return to their apartment to have sex.  Robin and Patrick were at home, got engaged again and made love. Carly was thrilled that Sonny could move his leg, so it seemed like he would get better. The majority of the action took place at the Floating Rib. Everyone was hanging out watching the college football playoff games that aired on ESPN. This was definitely cross promotion with the other Disney related channel.  Sam and Jason played pool together. Kristina snuck some beer and snarked at Jason. Valerie and Dante interact, but they are still broken up, later Val and Dillon leave together, but decide not to start dating. Michael wanted to judge Morgan's behavior and also Morgan rebuffed Darby. At the pier, Dante was working and ran into Morgan.

"The Young and the Restless" celebrated the wedding of Stitch and Abby, which actually happened. Ashley passed out before the couple was together at the altar, but made them continue. We later found out that Ashley was terminal, but hiding it from everyone. Stitch and Abby had a very regular wedding, though they said their own vows. They left during the reception before the cake, bouquet toss etc,  but we got to hear speeches from the best man and matron of honor. (Before leaving on their honeymoon, they consummated their relationship.) Outside the wedding, Billy was beat up due to a bet he couldn't pay off, so he missed the entire thing. Unfortunately, he was then hit by a car driven by Noah. Noah was upset about Luca and Marissa again, and didn't realize he hit a person. There was kissing upstairs at midnight between every couple one would expect, and later to get Hilary to leave Neil alone, he and Nikki shared a kiss.

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