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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - August 1970

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of August 1970.

Nick tried his best with Rico, but the teen was a handful as he didn't have much self-control. Even with Rico around he went on a date with Sigrid. (What I found funny was how much Rico seemed to like Sigrid Vorst. Did he think that Nick would have bad taste in women? Nick continued to be impressed by her.) Julie tried to make Rico into a pet project, which angered him. This happened after Nick brought Rico over to Matt and Maggie's for dinner. She came over to Nick's apartment and Rico had to push her out the door to leave. Later, they had another fight in the lab. Both times Mike ran to Julie's rescue, though before Julie and Rico had problems Mike and Rico did get along somewhat.  Matt and Maggie tried to keep an open mind with the fighting between the younger generation as they didn't want it to hurt their relationship with Nick. Eventually Rico went to the Powers house for them to talk to finally end it. This didn't exactly help, but who knows what harm it will cause.

Greta's illness had an unforeseen consequence as she became a thief. She was taking objects from everyone in her family and her babysitter Mrs. Halstead. At the end of the month, Julie discovered the truth. The girls tussled and Julie fell down the stairs. Greta has no memory of what happened, and an unconscious Julie was rushed to Hope Memorial. She has a broken arm and a concussion. Since she is a student nurse, Steve is technically in charge of her case.

Dan went to Kuwait for a job possibility, but made his intentions known to Carolee. Before Billy went away to camp, he told his father how he wanted Carolee to be his new Mom. (Seriously, the last Mrs. Allison hasn't been gone for two months.) Dan told Carolee, he loved her. Carolee though is torn because she obviously loves Steve, but he isn't the "safe" choice. He is emotional, reckless and romantic unlike Dan. Steve also realized once Dan said he loved Carolee, that if he did the same she wouldn't believe him, even though it was true. Carolee pushed Steve away, so he went out with Sigrid. This upset Carolee, but he only went out with Dr. Vorst because he was hurt. Steve still has a picture of Carolee on his mantle, and that says a lot about his "playboy" ways. Carolee got overnight airmail letters and telegrams from Dan, which considering today's technology seemed extremely slow. Mrs. Simpson thought it was great how Dan was acting, but didn't want her daughter hurt.

Those were the highlights of August 1970. Greta's behavior was out of control. It was odd seeing someone so young be an unintentional villain. I missed Anna and hope she gets another story soon.

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