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Monday, January 4, 2016

Days: Likes & Yikes 2015

"Days of Our Lives" had a tale of two different shows as the regime change made it seem very different than at the beginning of the year. Below are my thoughts on the year as a whole.

For the most part, everything was both negative and positive, which makes for an odd year.

Likes/Yikes: People who were more into the first part of the year, tended to be disappointed by the end and vice versa. Regime changes can be so difficult, and finding someone who liked both parts is a bit difficult.

Likes: We got to see more of Doug and Julie. Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes should be used as they are related to so many of the characters and have so much on screen history. While both characters, were once bad, they've seen and done everything and could comment on that.

Yikes: The lack of follow through with Aiden's death. While Aiden tried to kill Hope, he wasn't responsible for Ben's murders. I wish that Chase would be allowed to discuss that on screen.

Likes: Lani being Abe's daughter is a good idea, and I liked her interactions with Theo. I hope there is more in 2016, otherwise I'll see it as a missed opportunity.

Likes/Yikes: Don't get me wrong, I'm happy about Stephen Nichols being back on Days, but I find it frustrating that they didn't use Mary Beth Evans as Kayla much at all until he came back as Patch. (In Days history, Patch and Kayla are my favorite all time couple.) I liked that they got re-engaged, but having them divorce considering she had no romantic story was kind of pointless.

Yikes: Well this is going to be unpopular, but I think Will died because that's how it tends to work on Days. How many couples survive a recast, very few, and I think that if Chandler Massey had stayed on the show, Will would have lived. It felt like they didn't like Guy Wilson as much, and with Freddie Smith wanting to leave, Sonny and Will were dead couple walking. I would have much preferred Will and Sonny to have a happy ending than what we did get. I hope Days writes for the one gay character they have in Paul (Christopher Sean), though so far they haven't been. (Sometimes I feel like Days is like a show with a new toy, they get excited with the new thing, and then ignore it or put it on the side.)

Yikes: The 50th Anniversary Ball was styled oddly, yes I know 60s, but they didn't look like any of the fashionable 60s themed shows I've watched in prime time or even as well as the characters looked for the most part on "The Doctors".

Yikes: Since the regime change, the timeline has been a bit off, as too many things happened in a short time, we were supposed to believe that Steve and Kayla had sex on the same day that Bo died, and Bo was home for less than 48 hours before he passed away. Seriously that's insane.

Likes: Chad and Marlena's unconventional friendship. I'd never would have guessed that I'd like Chad and Marlena's interactions as much as I do. Since Will is dead, and her kids ignore her, it is good she has one person who seems to listen.

Yikes: The elephant, blood diamonds, don't care, glad it ended. Hope Days never mentions any of it again.

Likes/Yikes: The choice of Ben's murder victims: Serena wasn't that important of a character, so her death not a big deal. Paige, while Shane's granddaughter, Eve's daughter and later revealed to be half-sister to Rafe and Gabi had story potential for the future. I was glad that JJ and Paige wouldn't be back and forth again, but they could have had her just go away to college. Will was a really bad idea.

Yikes: While I'm glad we got Bo and Hope closure, Bo dying after so many other deaths was just difficult. Also a part of me wishes that they'd kept Chase and Ciara young, as Lauren Boles (Ciara) had on screen history with Peter Reckell.

Those are my show highlights for 2015. I didn't include everything as this was just off the top of my head.

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