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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - October 2015

Here's another installment of my thoughts about Neighbours post. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in October 2015.

The main stories this past month had to do with the fire at the school and the return of Steph Scully. 

Stephanie Scully was back in Erinsborough after getting the help she needed. She wanted to make amends for her crimes and convinced Tyler to hire her. He had no idea about her past, and was on probation with the garage. Amy befriended Steph as Amy has a mother who also had psychological issues. Whenever anything went wrong in town, Steph was blamed, but none of it was her fault. Sonya wasn't happy about Toadie's friendship with Stephanie, but they relied on each other. 

Paul and the board were in the process of making the public school private. This upset Susan as it would cost her, her job and the education for any of the attendees who couldn't afford a private institution. Brad was offered a job there, but said no because of Piper. Piper had a secret, which Ben is privy to, he just was away for a short time and returned to school.

Brad and Lauren's relationship became even stronger. He moved in temporarily, but eventually decided to stay for good. This upset Brad's children with Terese as they didn't approve of that relationship. 

Naomi left town due to an awesome job in the United States. She ended it with Paul, and gave incriminating information to Josh about her former fiance after clearing Josh of wrongdoing. Originally the actress playing the role Morgana O'Reilly was leaving on maternity leave, but decided to depart for good. The door is wide open for a return.

Liam got caught for his illegal doings. Paul paid him off to leave Jimmy and Amy alone and the criminal charges against Liam disappeared. Jimmy overheard his granddad, and blamed him for everything. While Amy wasn't happy about everything that went on, she agreed with Paul that Liam needed to go. 

While protesting the school closure, a group of residents planned to have a sleep-in. This was destroyed as fire broke out, and many people were trapped. Steph was blamed, due to her history and since she was protecting her girlfriend Belinda. The two got involved while Steph was a patient. Toadie, in a wheelchair, nearly died. Sheila heard him, but couldn't save him and leaving to get him help. Brad rescued Lauren before Terese upsetting Terese and later Imogen who accidentally fount out. Susan and Amber were together, as Amber went into labor. Thankfully, she delivered her child at the hospital, but the girl was early. Paige and Tyler were stuck in an elevator and Paige admitted that if she had met Tyler first things would have been different. Mark found them and rescued them both. Later Paige said she and Tyler could no longer be friends. 

Nate and Aaron continued to date. Aaron got arrested while dancing at a circuit party. He was then injured, so he couldn't dance. Daniel's life started to fall apart as he got into debt and lost his part in the club he shared with Karl. He quit, and Paul wouldn't help with money. Since they both felt like losers, Aaron and Daniel started hanging out together. The men blackmailed Paul with computer information from Naomi. After Paul got death threats due to dirty dealings, he offered Aaron a job as his bodyguard. 

Those are the highlights for the month of October 2015. Hopefully everyone who wants to view the show can find a way to catch up with it.

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