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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Soap Stars in Other Places: "To Tell the Truth"

This is a bit of a unique video clip, an episode of "To Tell the Truth" from December 2, 1958. Unlike most soap opera clips, I've shared this one is with Irna Phillips. Below is a link and more about the video.

The section with Irna Phillips is around the 16th minute mark. At the time, she was the head writer of "As the World Turns", though both that and "The Guiding Light" are mentioned. She is referenced by the host Bud Collyer as the inventor of the soap opera. Bud actually worked at TGL during its radio days as an announcer. If you're not familiar with TTTT, it is a typical panel show. Three people are introduced and only one is telling the truth about their identity with the others telling lies. Due to the era, the show is sponsored by Marlboro and cigarettes are shown. The celebrity panel has to guess, which of the three women is Irna Phillips, and ask questions to each to discover her identity.

The video is the full episode, which aired on GSN ages ago. (Nowadays they only show classic B&W shows on rare occasions as B&W overnight is only a memory.) Thanks to the people who posted this online for everyone to enjoy.

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