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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving in Soapland 2015

Here is my quick write up of what happened on all four current US daytime soaps for Thanksgiving 2015.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" had everyone act like bygones were bygones at least for one day. Everyone was there except for Carter. The Spencers, Forresters, and Avants all got along. Since it was a holiday, Stephanie was mentioned, Rick offered to put back his stepmother's picture, but Eric declined. Even though Hope wasn't there, they did the "say something nice about the person next to you" comments. Bill, being Bill, would have wished the tradition had ended. Julius was decent to Maya for a change, and no one got into a food fight. The fourth wall was broken by Eric on the holiday, which is the holiday tradition I appreciate the most of all.

"Days of Our Lives" had a sad Thanksgiving as nearly everyone was still mourning Bo. The Bradys and Hortons were at the pub. Hope was seeing things at home, before they left, and Steve got threatening texts. Marlena and John invited Paul and Brady to the penthouse. Eventually Brady went back to the Kiriakis mansion and was upset at his grandfather for keeping Theresa from eating with the family. Rafe, Gabi and Eduardo volunteered in the square to feed people on Thanksgiving. At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor was in no mood to celebrate. Victor went after Justin for bringing Eve and announced how she was a whore. In frustration, Justin left with her. Later on Eduardo tells Eve that he wants to name a community center in Paige's honor, though she feels it is too little too late. While Gabi told Rafe, she wants to try and have a relationship with their father. Caroline made a toast that was more about Bo than the holiday. Claire and Belle were back in Salem though Belle told her parents her marriage to Shawn has ended. In non-holiday news, Hope went to Steve to try and find the people who held Bo hostage. Rafe told Justin about the APB out about Ben.

"General Hospital" had two days worth of Thanksgiving. The first was the Corinthos group at the hospital as Morgan is now an in-patient. Kristina was back in town visiting from college, while Michael brought Sabrina along. Bobbie appeared to support her daughter and grandchildren even if she will never be a fan of Sonny or see herself as a Corinthos. On the Wednesday episode, Sam and Patrick celebrated twice. First with their combined family including Emma, Anna and the new shrink in town and later with the Quartermaines. Jason showed up which made Monica happy and when the power went out and he suggested pizza she was even more thrilled. Jason swears he didn't remember anything, but that is Q tradition. This year, Dillon and Paul fried the electric and there was nothing to eat. Dante and Valerie watched football and kissed while Lulu and Rocco spent the day with Laura.

"The Young and the Restless" didn't celebrate the holiday. It was mentioned, but nothing was done. The closest was Sage reading "Anne of Green Gables" to Faith, as some PBS stations show that miniseries during Thanksgiving weekend.

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