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Friday, November 13, 2015

Days - Six Random Thoughts for November 2015

Here is a six random thoughts post on "Days of Our Lives" about the show's on screen 50th Anniversary.  

  1. All the ladies had their hair done to match the 60's when the show began. Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) looked the same, which made me laugh.
  2. Due to how far in advance Days tapes, the whole Bo and Steve plane crash/torture scenes probably weren't thought to be offending. Of course, real life happens and it makes it more depressing.
  3. Caroline believing that Bo would come and no one believed her. Well, it made no sense that Bo would only call his Mother, and Steve wouldn't make any calls. And that dress Peggy McCay wore on the episodes, she wore at IRL soap opera events.
  4. Lani being Abe's daughter was quick and a bit of an afterthought. I hope we see more of this story soon. 
  5. It was great seeing so much of Doug and Julie. I also appreciated that they allowed her to have the speech to the audience as she started on Days the earliest of anyone still on the program.
  6. I wish there had been more acknowledgement or history references as the majority of the anniversary had everyone sitting around watching a wedding for a doomed couple (Hope and Aiden). 
I hope that everyone who watches and/or loves Days enjoyed the anniversary and that more interesting things are in the pipeline for the program.

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