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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - April 1970

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of April 1970.

Liz left town because something was wrong with her Mother. Considering she always talked about her Dad, this was an "interesting" turn. In actuality, Pam Toll got a job on another NBC soap the short-lived "Somerset". While I didn't like all of Liz's stories, I did like the character. Before leaving town, she was there for her best buddy Carolee. Nick though was left in the lurch at the lab. Matt asked if it was okay if Mike would work their part-time. Nick agreed to this though he needed a full time assistant.  The rabbits arrived to be used for testing, which back then probably wasn't seen as controversial as it would be today. A new candidate was found for Nick's lab, a female physician named Dr. Sigrid Vorst. Due to Nick's personality, there was a concern they would not be compatible.

Gary Corrigan had his surgery. The doctor who was the leader in this type of procedure had a heart attack in the operating theater. Nick had to fix Gary's brain, while others attended to the other surgeon. Even with the strife, the procedure was successful. Maggie continued to get too close to Gary upsetting everyone though especially Matt. Althea and Nick both saw what was happening and for the first time in forever were on the same side in a situation. Maggie's young daughter Greta is now older and has actual dialogue. We got an episode with the whole family, and we found out how Greta takes care of Julie's dog. Once Gary was doing better, Maggie tried to spend less time with him. That said Gary is going to be released soon, and Maggie wishes he would not. Gary discovered that there was something wrong with the paperwork with the company and his Aunt Phyllis was up to something shady.

There was more Steve and Althea break up material. Student nurse Sally was still interested in Steve, who only wanted to be with Carolee. Steve stopped being charming to the young lady, and she eventually got a clue. While in her sick bed, she gave Carolee a book to give to Mike Powers. Sally realized that even someone studying to be a doctor could be a good match for her. Carolee became better friends with Dr. Dan Allison. While Dan was out of town visiting his wife in a sanitarium, Carolee watched Dan's son Billy. After Steve found out where Carolee was, he also spent time with the boy.  He thought Billy was a little kid and brought a stuffed animal, but gained respect after helping Billy fix his model airplane. Carolee is spending her weekend's watching Billy until Dan can find a babysitter as Sally can only watch him during the week. We also got to finally meet Carolee's mother. Steve and Carolee actually went on a legitimate date together. Unfortunately before anything happened beyond kissing, Carolee discovered an earring which belonged to another woman. Steve wants to be exclusive with her, but she's scared due to past history. (Considering everything Steve as done, Carolee has a right to feel this way, but he truly is only interested in her.)

Anna is doing well, but the hospital jamboree planning is taking a lot of her time. I hope we see this event on camera considering how much it has been discussed. I want to see Matt be the master of ceremonies and any and all talents the crew of Hope Memorial has.

Those were the highlights of April 1970. Since a new cowriter (Stanley Silverman) joined the series this month, stories are starting to change.

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