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Monday, November 2, 2015

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - October 2015

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" during October of 2015. This is based on the UK air dates on Channel 4.

Peri couldn't deal with being a mother to baby Steph. Everyone thought she had what we call in the US postpartum depression, but really she didn't feel responsible enough to be a parent. Tom decided the baby was more important than his relationship with Peri and they ended it. The teens love each other, but due to everything Tom went through with revolving family it makes sense he would choose his daughter over Peri.

Cameron is out of prison with time served and probation after Leela's victim letter. Everyone else was extremely angry at her for writing it secretly. The only people who were glad were Cameron and Lockie, who missed his brother. Ziggy is trying to make a go with it with Leela as they are married, but he isn't happy. Tegan is moving on with her life alone.

Since Tony is played by the only original cast member left Nick Pickard, he had focus this 20th Anniversary month. Tony hosted the gay pride event, and his son Harry was discovered as gay. Ste and Harry's clandestine relationship was outed in front of everyone. Earlier in the month, Harry used Ste's credit card that still said McQueen on it, so everyone believed that something improper was going on between Harry and John Paul. Tony though was pissed about it, not because Harry was gay, but because of Ste's behavior. Diane realized that Sinead left because of Harry and Ste and became angry. That said Diane and Tony renewed their marriage vows. They also gave Tegan back baby Rose. They all agreed to act as family. Tegan admitted that she can't even think about how she was pregnant and lost DeeDee, but was glad to have Rose as her daughter. Later in the month, Scott explained why he hurt Diane and tried to hurt himself: once she was out of his life he was with a grandmother with dementia. He had to be a carer and not a kid. 

In the 20th Anniversary week, we found out who the gloved hand killer was: Lindsay. She added to her death count significantly. Lindsay offed Ashley before she could share with Ben how Nico killed his daughter. She killed Dr. S'Avage, due to him seeing a video of murdering Ashley. Lindsay went after S'Avage at the gay pride event while wearing a Tony mask like many people had that day. There were also gunshots at the Roscoe boys by Trevor which is how Lindsay got away with it. Little Charlie saw this and now is mute as he is so scared. Dirk was devastated and Cindy tried to tell him about the potential murder spree at the hospital, but he wouldn't listen. Lindsay also killed Freddie after he and his brothers were nearly killed due to Trevor. They jumped off the bridge, and ended up in a drain. Holly was still with Jason though her feelings for Robbie are getting stronger. Freddie was hospitalized, but when Lindsay found out he and Mercedes would leave Hollyoaks for Spain, she killed him. (Mercedes and Joe's relationship has been sporadic, as she feels not good enough, which is why she nearly ran away with Freddie platonically.) Kim and Lindsay put Freddie's body in Grace and Trevor's car and he was arrested. No one suspects Lindsay had anything to do with her husband's death. Grace and Trevor were on and off prior to that as they each wanted the upper hand and to get baby Curtis. 

Pete found a new friend in Jade, and was grooming her to be his next special friend. It seemed like Lisa, who was really Sonia, started to have feelings for her "brother" Zack. Jade continued to live with Jack and the others. Jack sold "The Dog in the Pond" to Mac Nightingale and his family who were new in town. Mac grew up in Hollyoaks, but moved away even though once upon a time, his parents owned the bar. He has three kids, Ellie, Nathan, who is engaged to Rachel, and Alfie. Mac is still legally married to Cindy, though Dirk believes they are wed. Mac's engaged to Neeta, whose much younger and Ellie wants to keep them apart.

Patrick was forced out of his job at the school due to his health. Sally St. Claire is now the headmistress, and Maxine protested. Sally was able to get the charges dropped, though there was some frustration. Patrick asked Maxine to help him die, and she agreed.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for October 2015. I'm relieved we know that Lindsay is the killer and that she's been disturbed this way since she attempted to murder her sister Kath as children. 

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