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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Y&R: Jack's Doubled

"The Young and the Restless" is doing yet another doppleganger story as Jack (Peter Bergman) now has a duplicate. Below are my thoughts on this story so far.

Jack is one in a long line of characters to have a "twin" or impostor in Genoa City. Early examples are Blade and Rick played by Michael Tylo and the late Jeanne Cooper as Kay and Marge. Since then other characters like Lauren have had this kind of story.

Currently what we know is that Jack was replaced by a "fake" Jack after he and Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) arrived on St. Bart's to elope. The wedding happened with Jack, though someone lurked outside. Once Phyllis went to shower, he must have been switched. Unfortunately, the impostor and Phyllis had sex, and then we saw the actual Jack tied up and held hostage by Kelly (Cady McClain). We also know that the faker was responsible for the hacking of Jabot, and is working with Victor Newman (Eric Braeden).

I wish the fake Jack and Phyllis hadn't had sex, because I cannot believe she couldn't tell the difference. Due to Phyllis believing the man in her bed was her husband, the sex act wasn't out of love, but rape. We shall see if Y&R actually writes that part of the story as she was violated on her honeymoon. If at the time Kelly had sex with impostor Jack, she had no idea that he wasn't the Jack she lived with, she was also a rape victim. Due to Kelly's crazy behavior, I find it even less likely that story beat will be played.

This plot so far has had a lot of criticism thrown at it, but as with all things we'll see how it works out as it is ongoing. Hopefully there will be some ramifications with the situation, but nothing that is a long term consequence or cannot be unwritten. (For example, I'm not interested in seeing impostor Jack becoming the head of Jabot, selling it to Victor and then the company not getting back to the Abbotts for a few years, once the ruse has been discovered.) Anyway, this kind of story has the potential to be fun for the actors even if it isn't something that all viewers personally want to watch.

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Latoya Collins said...

At first i thought that this obviously was going to be a plot that they were going to haave go on and on forever but it can't be and they got right to the point of why it can't happen for so long. Why? Well because Gabe is Adam and he talks to Jack as Adam. I love that he knows something is afoot but he doesnt know what it is. A good thing is that Adam will save the day. The bad thing is they'll love him for two days and then they'll be back to it's adam lets kill him. God i hate how everyone hates Adam no matter what but then they love Nick. I can't stand me some Nick. God.