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Friday, April 17, 2015

Daytime Emmy Nominee Videos & Fan Favorites Poll

The Poptv.com website offers a lot this year for the discerning Daytime Emmy interested soap opera fan as the reels for the major acting categories and a poll are available. Below I post my thoughts on these special items.

Here are direct links to each of the pages with Daytime Emmy nominee videos:

Lead Actress

Lead Actor

Supporting Actress

Supporting Actor

Younger Actress

Younger Actor

Guest Performer

I'm glad that even though the show is now on Pop, we're still seeing the nominated reels. It is great that they're available, but wish it had always been that way.

The poll had the following questions will be announced live on the Daytime Emmy show on April 26th. Each question also included a video clip of the performer in action. That being said they are very stereotypical questions in my opinion. For the sake of clarity I've renamed some of the nominees. Also some of the nominees in this are from 2015 and not 2014. (I wasn't able to vote in the poll due to using Chrome and being logged into Tumblr, so I had to place my votes via Firefox.)

Favorite Daytime Hottie:
Justin Hartley (Adam on "The Young and the Restless")
Ryan Paevey (Nathan on "General Hospital")
Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter on "The Bold and the Beautiful")

Best Bitch Slap:
Abigail slaps Sami ("Days of Our Lives")
Nina slaps Madeline (GH)
Quinn slaps Brooke (B&B)

Biggest Wedding Disaster:
Bill, Brooke, Ridge with the helicopter (B&B)
Carly and Franco (GH)
Phyllis interrupting Sharon and Nick (Y&R)

Most Shocking Sexcapade:
Ava and Sonny crypt sex (GH)
Bill & Quinn (B&B)
Eric and Kristin tape played at her wedding to Brady (Days)

Favorite OMG! Moment:
Luke meets fake Luke (GH)
Nicole reveals that Maya is transgendered (B&B)
Nina drugs Ava and steals the baby (GH)

Favorite Talk Show Audience:
The Talk
The Wendy Williams Show

Most Romantic Duo:
Hilary and Devon (Y&R)
Bill and Katie (B&B)
Maxie and Nathan (GH)

Fan Favorite Villain:
Helena Cassadine (GH)
Kristen Dimera (Days)
Victor Newman (Y&R)

Most Memorable Game Show Moment:
Amazing two-letter puzzle solver (Wheel of Fortune)
The Gerbil (Family Feud)
Manuela accidentally gives away a car (The Price is Right)

So that's the latest in Daytime Emmy information. Less than two weeks to go to the big event that I hope people who don't have Pop are able to see somehow.

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