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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thoughts about "Queens of Drama" - Episode 3

Here is a live blog summary and my brief thoughts about episode three of "Queens of Drama". The title of episode three is "Those Little Devils" and was stated by Donna Mills.

The ladies without Donna discuss other options, while at her home. Crystal Hunt mentions how she knows Joan Collins, as Joan played her Great Aunt on Guiding Light. Vanessa Marcil is surprised that Crystal even knows Joan. Hunter Tylo invited Crystal and Lindsay Hartley to a ballet class. Lindsay mentions Sue Wong's fashion show, and being invited to participate as a celebrity guest wearing one of her outfits. Hunter thinks it would be a good idea if they could go as a group for the sake of their new project.

Donna and Joan Collins have a lunch meeting. They obviously know one another. Joan mentions how a day without wine is a day without sunshine and they share a toast. Donna calls the girls little devils for involving Joan. Joan and Donna discuss how what is going on isn't really nice, but that's how it works sometimes in Hollywood. Donna and Joan plot together to teach Crystal and the others.

Chrystee Pharris is getting a pedicure as is Crystal, since Crystal got a spray tan she can't put her feet in the water. Chrystee feels like Crystal is being mean to Lindsay, but Crystal says it is just business. They are now at the event, and Lindsay went with her man Jason-Shane Scott. They are all on the red carpet taking pictures at the Style fashion week in Los Angeles. Greta, who works for Sue Wong, grabs Crystal to take more photos and interviews as Crystal is in a Sue Wong too. She does some interviews even though her outfits is more than three years old. Chrystee shares the conversation that she shared with Crystal earlier in the day with the others. The fashion show begins and they watch the designs go down the runway. Vanessa is having a great time, while Crystal is just texting and Lindsay mentions how she has to find a time to confront Crystal.

Crystal invited Lindsay to go furniture shopping. At the store, Lindsay finally takes a go at Crystal. They show flashbacks to snarky remarks that Crystal has made about Lindsay. For a flashback, the scenes are show in black and white instead of in color. She's exhausted and just wishes that Crystal would admit what she's done.

Donna sets up a meeting in a conference room for everyone. Joan Collins enters wearing her best Alexis from "Dynasty" outfit. The show ends with surprised looks from the cast.

What I found amusing about this episode was how no one realized that Joan and Donna would know one another. While they worked on shows on different networks they were both villains on primetime soap operas. Other than Hunter, I would bet the other ladies had no idea that way back when the Soap Opera Digest Awards included primetime series and Donna and Joan competed in the same category. Some years Donna won and other years, Joan did. I could understand why Vanessa wouldn't realize that Joan was on Guiding Light as it was on another network, and Joan was only involved in that program for under a year. Vanessa was somewhat missing from the action, as most of the "story" involved Crystal's antics. Every show needs a villainess and I guess that's Crystal's job.

That's my quick summary of events for the latest episode of "Queens of Drama". The show has begun airing its 30 minute episodes during their normal time slot from 8-8:30 pm EDT.

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