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Monday, April 27, 2015

Thoughts about "Queens of Drama" - Premiere

On Sunday, April 26, 2015, Pop premiered the first two episodes of "Queens of Drama". A reality show with soap stars coming together to create a new series.

For the sake of brevity, I'm going to put everything together. This isn't in linear order from what was shown, so hopefully it is not confusing, though I'm splitting things up by episode.

The first episode entitled: "I Don't Do Ugly" references Donna Mills not wanting to do a gritty show. Donna brought Hunter Tylo into the picture as her deputy to get what she wanted for their potential program. Lindsay Hartley and Chrystee Pharris became friends while working together on "Passions". It isn't explained how Lindsay knows Crystal Hunt, but they knew each other prior to the show. Maybe when they were both on ABC Daytime or something. Vanessa Marcil wants to create the all-women project and Donna and Vanessa were introduced via Michelle Stafford who isn't shown. Michelle plays Donna's daughter on "General Hospital". Crystal is snide about Lindsay and it is mentioned how they see each other on auditions with Lindsay is auditioning for 40-something roles while Crystal still can get parts as a 21 year old. They are less than a decade apart with Crystal being 29 and Lindsay mid-30s. We also meet Lindsay's current boyfriend Jason-Shane Scott who was Will on "One Life to Live" back in the 90s.  Chrystee had been living in Atlanta and just moved back to Los Angeles. At one event, we see her greet her former "Passions" dad Rodney Van Johnson. This was also where everyone networked. Later the group had a meeting, which became tense and Vanessa walked out as the episode ended.

The second episode entitled: "Art Imitating Life" refers to how Vanessa's on screen character on "Las Vegas" Sam would always leave work. Vanessa though believes she is nothing like her most well-known characters of Sam and GH's Brenda. After the meeting is over and Donna assuring her that this can still work out, we move to other action. Vanessa invites Chrystee to her farm, though Vanessa doesn't see it as much of a farm. We do see chickens, so it at least has some farm animals. After that we see Chrystee, Lindsay and Crystal go shopping. Crystal doesn't understand how Lindsay could date someone she met online. They also discuss Donna and how they want her insight, but she shouldn't be the boss. Donna meets with Thom Sherman who is a VP at the CW. He admits he would be interested in the idea, and especially Vanessa Marcil, which is ironic due to what happened at the meeting. Thom mentions how a lot of the shows on The CW are soaps. I love that, as it is true. At Donna's house, Donna invites Vanessa for tennis, who is very clueless about the sport. They agree that they don't have to be buddies. Vanessa says that Donna is a "bitch" and Donna says she's right. Lindsay also gets head shots for Chrystee with Luc-Richard (L.R) Elie, as Chrystee hasn't gotten new photos for ten years. The show ended with all of the ladies at Donna's house about the meeting with the CW. Instead of being glad that it was a positive experience, they feel like Donna went behind their backs. This discussion continued as the episode ended.

This show is plotted as they know the scenario, but allegedly they act as themselves. We'll see how this continues and whether or not it continues to be enjoyable. I wasn't bored by the show though I wasn't wowed either. There were no OMG wow moments of horror and no insane cat fights between the actors, which was very much appreciated.

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