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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - March & April 2015

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" during March and April of 2015. This is based on the UK air dates on Channel 4.

Not much happened with the gloved hand story. The only victim was Diane, who was poisoned, but suffered no long-lasting effects. Diane ended up in the hospital after a cat fight with Porsche as Diane had sex with Lockie. Lockie had left behind his watch, which is how Porsche found out. Since Porsche needs money to pay off her mother Reenie, she and Lockie plotted to steal from Diane. Lockie continued to romance her.

The secret of the swap between DeeDee and Rose was revealed as Diane saw the video. Sinead had been keeping quiet as Tegan was suffering from cancer, but now everyone knew. This did not hurt Sinead and Diane's relationship. Tony got DeeDee tested to be a potential bone marrow donor for Tegan, which obviously upset Diane. After finding out that DeeDee was a match, Ziggy acted and took the child. The bone marrow saved Tegan's life. Tony and Diane worked together to try and keep both girls. Eventually they got the better of themselves and decided to leave things as they are. This went on during Ziggy and Leela's wedding. Ziggy had planned to end it with Leela if Tegan arrived as he loved Tegan, but went through with his vows. Currently Ziggy and Leela are on their honeymoon.

Ste moved into Sinead's place. John Paul was shocked that Ste did this without telling him. To make a full flat even more crowded Sinead's cousin Scott was also invited to join them. Scott just came to Hollyoaks, and got a job at the school as Patrick's assistant. John Paul and Scott don't really get along, so everything is a bit stressful.

Harry broke up with Cleo as he's attracted to guys. He broke up with her on the night of the dance devastating her. They got back together, but Tony thinks his son isn't ready to have sex again as Harry is scared to admit that he's gay. Dylan and Nico got closer, but then moved further apart. He is struggling as he likes to dress up in women's clothing, but doesn't understand why. (The show hasn't fully defined Dylan's sexuality and/or gender, so we'll see where they are going in the coming weeks.) Nico admitted to not being pregnant, and instead of being relieved Patrick was upset at his granddaughter for lying. All of the parents in Tom and Peri's life were worried about Peri's pregnancy. At first, Peri wanted an abortion, but later she decided to give the child up for adoption. Tom wishes Peri would keep the child or allow Jack and Frankie to be primary caregivers.

Lindsay and Freddie are back in Hollyoaks and are together. They accidentally framed Phoebe for being Mercedes murderer and Phoebe had to spend time in lock-up while she awaited trial. Thankfully, she was freed before found guilty. Freddie and Lindsay had an engagement party, at the Dog, while Grace and Trevor celebrated his birthday. Obviously this was awkward, and ended with Sinead getting some of the truth out of Grace. Then Grace was arrested, Kim developed feelings for Grace after they shared a kiss. She committed a petty crime to see her.

Nancy and Lindsay found out about Joe and Kim's history. Kim seduced Joe and they had sex, there was dubious consent. Kim became pregnant and had an abortion. Lindsay realized what Kim was going, and wondered why. Kim has Esther who loves her, and wants a relationship. Esther was worried Kim had feelings for Trevor, having no idea Grace is her next target. We also found out another skeleton in the Butterfield family closet. Kim had a twin named Kath, who suffered brain damage from drowning, when they were girls. Lindsay blamed herself as she was in charge of her younger sisters. Kim was visiting Kath, but it was decided to move her. Kim became agitated over Kath no longer being in the hospital, so she attacked a police officer. She was returned to lockup for the interim. To get closer to Grace, she poisoned Reenie (Porsche, Cleo and Celine's mom). Reenie went to the hospital, while Kim moved into Grace's cell. They shared another kiss, and then started to do something more as the show faded to black.

Patrick and Theresa plotted to keep Darren away from Maxine and baby Minnie. This was unsuccessful as Darren wasn't interested. She even faked being Darren's dream girl as Cindy remembered it was her. Cindy and Dirk were still together, but she was getting restless. Dirk was blackmailed by Robbie about Will. He continued to pay the boy off, but everyone was horrified that Robbie would later attack Dirk. Cindy and Holly found out Dirk said about his son, which upset Holly more than she let on as she believed in Dirk. Jason was there for Holly, but it felt like perhaps he was developing feelings for her mother that weren't acceptable. Robbie admitted what he did to the police, but we've yet to see his punishment.

Later Sienna blackmailed Dr. Savage to get her out of the ward. Dr. Savage's former wife was an alcoholic and responsible for Tegan and Diane's daughters being swapped. Sienna went home to live with Nico and Patrick. She was livid about Theresa being in the flat. Sienna tried to convince Patrick to let her go. Nico cared for Theresa as she gave Nico a kidney. Nico is also a half-sister to Theresa's baby Myra-Pocahantos. Using her connection to Dr. Savage, Sienna found out about Patrick's prognosis. She became even angrier that her father would lie about being terminal. Patrick was just trying to spare his daughter what he had to deal with when his father passed from the same disease. Theresa went missing, using the excuse she ran away with Dodger. We still don't know her whereabouts, but Sienna was behind her leaving Patrick and Nico.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for March and April of 2015. We'll see what happens next in the lives of everyone in town. Having everyone find out that Peri was pregnant when Tom admitted it during a production of "Romeo and Juliet" was a more creative way to handle that play than I've seen the two or three times that trope (R&J) has been used on an American soap.

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