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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thoughts on Neighbours - February & March 2015

Here's another semi-regular installment of my thoughts about Neighbours post. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in February and March 2015 and includes their 30th anniversary celebrations.

Sonya left town to visit Callum as he was injured, while at school in the United States. The actress who plays Sonya was pregnant in real life and went on maternity leave. Toadie joined her for part of the time, but was on for most of the celebrations in town.

There was a fight over food at the Erinsborough festival. Originally Toadie was made the judge, but he was tampered with so a celebrity guest judge took his place. Susan and Sheila along with Janelle, who returned just for the contest, got into a fight and all of the food was destroyed, so by default Karl won the contest. They shared the award for popularity of their desserts. Nina also came to town for the festival, Paul wanted her to perform, but she didn't want to originally due to her break up with Jack. Part of the time, she did her old job as a maid, and followed nearly everyone. Eventually, she did sing, but allowed Paul to think that Karl would be the closer of the festival.

Amber and Daniel were back together and nearly married. She chose Daniel over Josh. The wedding didn't happen as Imogen and Daniel got stuck in a well. Tom, who came to town just for the wedding of his great nephew, was the person who directed them to the location that held Agnes' ring. Everyone believed that Imogen and Daniel ran away together, as she admitted her love for him, but he remained loyal to his fiance. He cares about Imogen, though doesn't see her as anything other than a friend. Josh again stepped aside once he knew why Daniel missed the ceremony.

Harold came back to town, after divorcing the wife (Carolyn) he had when he departed the show. He began seeing his lost late love Marge. He drove into the festival, but thankfully everyone was okay. She wanted him to move on with his life, and he and Sheila even went on a date. Harold left to help out his granddaughter Sky.

Matt and Lauren got into financial difficulties as his police work had cut overtime and Harold's was slow. They nearly were foreclosed, and Matt was desperate to raise money. Paige, Amber and Bailey owned the home, but sold it. Sadly, Bailey lost all of it due to a phishing scheme, though at first everyone assumed it was the fault of Paige's online "boyfriend".  He went to work for Dimato, who tried to bribe Naomi. Matt took a payoff to keep his mouth shut. Mark discovered what was going on and forced him to take a sabbatical from the police force. Matt also kissed Sharon (Kyle's mother), but Terese stopped it from going any further. Brad confronted Matt about Sharon. Unfortunately, they were speaking near the road and Danni was texting while driving. Matt pushed Brad out of the way, but died from his injuries after an unsuccessful surgery.

Georgia's work life was also highlight and her slight dissatisfaction with Kyle. She wasn't ready to get pregnant again, though Kyle wanted to try for a baby. Nick, Terese's brother and Paul got into a bet, that Nick could get Georgia into bed. Nick curried favor with her, but overheard his plan so she put a stop to it. Nick wanted to get his cancer center so badly that he is "treating" Paul for cancer even though he doesn't have the disease. Naomi, as Paul's assistant, is the only person who knows about Paul's situation. This information is causing her to spend time with Paul instead of her new boyfriend Mark. Everyone except Paige seems happy about Mark and Naomi as for once Naomi is involved with someone who is available. Paige started seeing Mark's brother Tyler, though he first really like Imogen. Tyler is working at the garage and doesn't like that Mark went back to the police force. He also did illegal things for Dimato, but rescued Imogen and Amber's car from the chop shop.

Nate and Chris broke up due to having different life goals. Vanessa and Lucas returned for the festival, and knew Chris's heart when it came to his life. Chris has decided to go to New York City to be near Lucy and their unborn child. Since the actor has departed from the show, Chris will be doing more than just visiting.

Those are the highlights for the 30th Anniversary episodes of Neighbours through the March 31, 2015 episode.

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