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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thoughts on "The Doctors" - January 1969

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of January 1969.

On their way out of town, Anna and Ed got in a car accident. The emotions everyone felt were the main crux of the month's action. There were episodes were all the characters in the hospital showed how they cared for Ed by reacting to his potential death. Anna had minor injuries, but was so upset she didn't want to walk. Ed was touch and go. He needed surgery and once he finally woke up he worried that Anna was dead. She arrived and they had a beautiful moment together. At this point, Nick thinks Ed will survive, but we'll see what happens.

Nick, Althea and Penny were all touched by Ed's predicament. Nick was having problems dealing with the potential loss of his work protege. He took it out on Penny, who was falling apart herself as she was reminded of the death of her brother Buddy. Nick and Althea were intimate as newlyweds so at least they didn't spend all their time miserable.

Liz was still being held by Phillip Townsend. She hadn't figured a way out yet, and while Matt saw Phillip act oddly no one was suspecting anything. I hope soon Liz escapes or is rescued as she is absolutely not Melissande.

Mike was trying to improve at school and spends some time with Nancy at the hospital. Karen left Steve to go to Germany. Matt has had enough of Karen and seems to finally have washed his hands of her. He seemingly doesn't even care about her as a friend or mentor. Steve took his frustrations out on Carolee and unknowingly played on her insecurities. Earlier in the month, Nancy and Carolee's pasts tied into Ed and Anna's situation. As both Nancy and Carolee lost the person they loved way too soon.

Those were the highlights of January 1969. The show seemed like two programs in one as the Liz material didn't fit the tone of the rest of the material presented.

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