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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Family Feud: Daytime Dynasties from 1984

This episode of Family Feud aired on February 9, 1984 and was Ryan's Hope versus General Hospital. The Ryan's Hope team were the members of the Ryan family including in-laws, while the General Hospital team were members of the Quartermaine clan.

The GH team consisted of Stuart Damon (Alan), Leslie Charleson (Monica), Sherilyn Wolter (Celia), Steve Bond (Jimmy Lee Holt) and David Lewis (Edward) and they were playing that day for Cystic Fibrosis. The RH team consisted of Bernie Barrow (Johnny), Marg Helgenberger (Siobhan), Michael Levin (Jack), Nancy Addison-Altman (Jill) and Geoffrey Pierson (Frank).

The questions included (paraphrased): Something a doctor asks a nurse to give him in surgery,
something you practice doing in a sexy way, name a food that gets your fingers really messy, a holiday where there is a special kind of chocolate, & name something in the road that causes a flat.

The first question the GH team got after the RH team was unable to steal. The second question the RH team played but the GH team stole. The third question the RH team played though the GH team stole again. The fourth question the RH team won and cleared without any strikes. The fifth question went to the GH team as they won the face off, but the RH team stole it. The final score was 479 for RH and 244 for GH.

Michael Levin played first for the RH team in fast money. The questions included: how long have you been at your present job, something people take to the gym, another name for a record player, beverage in a pull-top can, something worn on the hands. By himself Michael got 189 points. Geoffrey Pierson played second. He was able to bring the team over 200 points, so they got $5,000 for charity. Unfortunately the last episode of the week isn't available online (Ryan's Hope versus One Life to Live), so I have no idea who was the ultimate winner of the week.

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