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Thursday, February 28, 2013

GH: People 50th Anniversary Edition

The People 50th Anniversary special edition is now available. I received my hardbound copy in the mail on February 28, 2013. Here are my thoughts on the volume.

The edition is a little over 120 pages and is a pictorial view of GH over the years. There are new images from a recent photo shoot of current cast members along with historical images in both black and white and color.

People breaks the magazine down in sections about different eras (included in that was super couples), and also has sections on the current cast, villains, hot men, weddings, two different alumni sections for those who became famous after GH and those who did not (with a bit of where are they now), and cameos of famous people. There are individual pages on certain people like Gloria Monty, the executive producer who revolutionized the program, along with Tony Geary and Genie Francis (though that has new images.) Pictures from behind the scenes at GH are also included.

The magazine didn't act like GH didn't exist before the late 70s. Steve and Audrey (John Bernadino and Rachel Ames) are not forgotten, and we get photos of the show's long time couple. On the back cover, there is an image with Steve and Jessie (Emily McLaughlin), though due to their history as original cast members I wish would have been more prominent. There is also an early cast photograph, so it isn't just present day. I also liked the use of the timeline in the earlier decades. The 80s section showed how there were couples on GH that weren't Luke and Laura, the 90s talked about the Nurses

Due to the amount of pictures, the 50th anniversary issue is a fast read. That said I did like the stroll down memory lane about some stories I enjoyed, some I never saw, and others I've forgotten.

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