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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Y&R: Nikki has MS

This past week on The Young & The Restless, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) admitted to her children Nick (Josh Morrow) and Victoria (Amelia Henlie) that she has multiple sclerosis.

Nikki had started having tremors and was diagnosed with the chronic illness. The first person she told was her former husband Jack (Peter Bergman). She had gotten into a car accident on his street, and he noticed there was a problem. Nikki made him promise to not tell anyone as she wanted the time to deal with it before sharing it with the world.

Unfortunately for Nikki, Jack couldn't keep his mouth shut and told Victor (Eric Braeden). As Nikki's fiance, Victor needed to know. When Jack shared this with Victor it wasn't done out of malice, but due to his concern for Nikki. Of course, Nikki wasn't happy about this, and confronted Jack.

Victor recommitted to Nikki and still wants to remarry her. At the penthouse, Nikki had the difficult task of telling their children about her MS diagnosis. Nick and Victoria supported their mom and did their best not to smother her. Nikki didn't want them to pity her as she faces this new reality.

These scenes were well done and felt real even if the story is completely fictional. Hopefully Y&R does this story justice as MS is something many people have to deal with and not an imaginary soap opera illness.

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Soap Opera Saga said...

I think Y&R is slowly getting back to its roots. I enjoy social issues.