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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Days: Kristen's Plan

On Days of Our Lives, we finally know what Kristen (Eileen Davidson) has planned for Brady (Eric Martsolf). Since I last wrote about this story back in December here are the story highlights.

Kristen wants Brady to propose to her and then dump him at the altar, like John (Drake Hogestyn) did all those years ago. Like always feelings have gotten in Kristen's way as she seemingly cares for Brady now even if she wants to ruin him.
Brady and Kristen even were allowed to go on a date out of town with Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Daniel (Shawn Christian). During this event, Kristen faked being drunk and perhaps shard some of her true feelings. It was good to see them in another situation with people who weren't telling them off for being involved.

Nicole (Ari Zucker) even tried to get Brady and Kristen to break up by faking corporate espionage. Of course, Nicole got arrested though the charges were dropped. Having Brady at Titan and Kristen at Dimera Enterprises should cause conflict, but sadly other than confrontation this hasn't come into play in the story.

Brady is apprehensive about marriage due to how his last two engagements ended as both women died (Adriana and Madison) prior to the wedding. He feels jinxed, which is understandable. As a compromise, Brady wants to start a home with Kristen. She'll leave her hotel room behind and he'll move as well. It will be nice to see them somewhere that isn't the Horton Town Square or her hotel room. Kristen spoke with her father Stefano (Joe Mascolo) as she was wavering in her plot. He was able to speak Dimera sense to her and she is continuing with it.

I wish the stakes were higher than Brady being humiliated in public. Brady isn't a wilting flower or a youngster who needs to be coddled. If Brady's relationships with his family are strained, what is really the big deal? For many years, it felt like Brady had little or no relationship with them anyway, and some people can't really talk like his half-sister Sami (Ali Sweeney). She reunited with her ex-husband EJ (James Scott) who is Kristen's brother. If anything they should have a double date, which could provide a lot of entertainment. The main question in this story is will Kristen's feelings for Brady as they are, impede her from destroying him. I'm of the opinion that Brady should go a bit "bad", while Kristen becomes a tad nicer, so they split the difference.

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