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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Days: Chloe's Return

Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) came back to Salem with news that her son Parker was really the biological child of Daniel (Shawn Christian). Of course, this wasn't a happy reunion on Days of Our Lives as per usual there is a lot of conflict.

Chloe and Daniel were married, but got divorced due to her cheating on him with Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson, who is no longer on the program). A DNA test was run, which showed that Philip and not Daniel was the father of her child. Off camera, Chloe discovered that the opposite was the case so she returned to Salem to share the good news with Daniel.

Since then Daniel has begun to bond with Parker, but Daniel is involved with Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), who doesn't want to lose Daniel. Kate (Lauren Koslow), Philip's mother, is worried that she'll lose Parker from her life. Victor (John Aniston) seems to be okay with this turn of events, as he is still the boy's grandfather as he's married to Daniel's mother Maggie (Suzanne Rogers).

Chloe realized that Kate was moving against her again and told Daniel the truth about her last months in Salem. She had been blackmailed into prostitution. Jennifer knew about what happened, and at the end of Friday's episode, Daniel discovered that Jennifer had the phone number for child protective services.

When it comes to this situation, I can't say I'm overjoyed. Having the paternity of a child be changed and some of the major characters are off canvas hurts the execution. Philip isn't on screen right now, so there was no way we'd see his reaction. Philip's marriage to Daniel's daughter Melanie was destroyed by this and she also is no longer in town. Stephanie, who had a part in the DNA test bungle, is also off the show. Having her mother Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) apologize for her daughter doesn't have the same impact. Also it makes Parker go from a Kiriakis to a Jonas, and while it opens up the possibility to date more people, the Kiriakis family needs next generation characters.

We didn't even see Chloe find out that Parker was Daniel's son and she's back in town. It would have been better if she had been visiting Victor in Salem with the boy, something happened and it was exposed rather than Chloe comes to town with the news. I hope this story improves, but I'm skeptical as it feels just like another obstacle for Daniel and Jennifer and not about the others involved in the story.

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