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Friday, August 2, 2019

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - July 2019

Below are my thoughts on July 2019's "Hollyoaks" - this is not sequential.

Levi discovered that Maxine was faking her illness, and caught her in the lie. He also discovered that Scott did drag, and broke up with him though they really enjoyed spending time together. Cleo convinced Mitchell to give up stripping due to their relationship. Goldie and  Joel were dating on the sly even though he is a priest and should be celibate.

Maxine and Damon's wedding happened though she continued to lie. Sienna knew Maxine was lying, but Maxine discovered how Sienna wanted to kidnap a set of twins whom she believed were her own. She was caught by Brody and Liberty, but it was true the kids were Sadie and Sebastian as Warren was with them later. 

Harry and Sadie's baby was born, and his name is Isaac. James continued to feel jealous over Harry and Ste and became unhinged over Harry and Ste kissing. James drugged Harry more than once, but he made it so Harry missed his court date. Now Harry had two choices either run or get remanded to prison; he decided to run. Breda decided that Harry was a bad Father, and killed him in the parking garage with a knife. No one knows Harry is dead yet though Diane and Tony realized the texts from "Harry" didn't seem real. Meanwhile Mercedes and Liam felt relief over Harry leaving as Mercy hit and ran Grace. 

Imran, Juliet, Brooke and Oliver continued to be a friend group. They wanted to go to a musical festival, and since the Love Boat was unoccupied they had a party there. Through Sami, Imran was able to get the tickets for free so now they had spending money for the festival.

Laurie plead guilty to what he did to Diane, so there would be no trial, which was a good thing for Sinead and the family.

Ste tried to date a guy that had the same believes as Johnny and Stuart, but it didn't work. Tom started a new business a camp called Tom's Turtles. Yas, Peri, Hunter and Romeo worked for him. Hunter and Romeo continued to fight and got into trouble at the Price Slice. Walter said they had to pay them back, failed out at Price Slice, and then Hunter quit the camp, but his second stint working for Walter went a lot better.

Nancy and Kyle are still together and happy, as as Mandy and Darren. The business with the delivery service finally is making money.

Those were the highlights for Hollyoaks in July 2019. It seems like Laurie is now gone for good, which is a relief. Harry's death was sad, and no one knowing he is dead yet means more sadness is coming. Also how long will it be for Maxine's actions to come out as Levi admitted that she was lying about her illness, and Sienna knows too. 

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