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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Days: Inside Salem Days of Our Lives Podcast 21

The twenty-first episode of Inside Salem Days of Our Lives podcast aired this week. Below is a quick summary and thoughts.

This episode had an interview with Stacy Haiduk, clips of the week (with Susan and the gun, and Gabi and Stefan) and Matthew Ashford and Missy Reeves watching clips.

The Stacy Haiduk interview was about the plot. She spoke about being both Kristen and Susan in the same scene though Kristen was playing Mary Moira. She does want to end up playing Thomas, Susan's brother. The Matthew Ashford and Missy Reeves portion was them listening to audio of Jack and/or Jennifer recent scenes, and commenting on them. One Jack and Eve scene Missy hadn't seen as she wasn't around when they were taping. Again this reminds me of audio tracks on DVD sets, but without the video to enjoy.

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