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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Days: Chloe Leaves Town and so does Tripp

Days of Our Lives had two departures this week as Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and Tripp (Lucas Adams) left town with happy endings separately of course.

Chloe got a job in New York City, where her parents and sister lives in an opera. She was leaving Doug's Place in Julie's hands and was going to sing. Parker of course would be with his mother. At least before Chloe left she found out that Nicole and Holly were alive, and is allowed some happiness.

Tripp went out west to California for medical school. He didn't tell anyone he was applying, and was wait listed. Kayla was contacted and gave him a reference, and got in, he packed up and left town. So Haley and JJ could live together in the loft instead of with her mother.

It was surprising to see Days of Our Lives let two characters in separate stories leave town in a positive manner. Of course, it may mean it will take years to see them again or at least in Tripp's situation be forgotten, as that character was a newer creation. So we'll see though with how Chloe has come back in the past, I wouldn't be shocked to see her again.

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