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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Thoughts on Neighbours - January & February 2015

Here's another semi-regular installment of my thoughts about Neighbours post. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in January and February 2015 before they began with their 30th anniversary celebrations and returns.

Sonya and Toadie tried to help Erin, but were unsuccessful. Karl also became her doctor, though she wasn't ready yet to be a mother to her teenage daughter, Cat. Erin left town as a thief, and it is uncertain if she will ever return again.

Gary went to prison due to his work with Paul upsetting Sheila and Kyle. Sheila also had heart problems, which made her change her life and diet. Sheila and Lou continued to fight over who had the better restaurant.

Amber was torn between her former fiance Daniel and her ex-boyfriend Josh. She needs to decide what she wants, though for now she wants to be alone. Her friendship with Imogen almost fell apart again after Amber found out about Imogen and Daniel sharing one kiss. Daniel's restaurant is a success with its unconventional style of having speakers.

Brad and Terese had their ups and downs, but reunited. He still isn't happy as a teacher, but they're trying to make it work. Meanwhile Lauren and Matt seem happier, though they have a huge mortgage now as their kids sold them back the house, which was in their names. Brad nearly poisoned Karl, as he drunk Brad's surfboard-making liquid. A quick trip to the hospital and Karl recovered. This angered Susan, and she seems to be taking it out on Brad at the school.

Nate and Chris are happier than ever. Chris and Lucy are going to have a child together, even with the chance the baby will have a congenital issue. Hopefully the next time we see Lucy, we'll find out whether or not she's pregnant.

Those are the highlights for the first few weeks of Neighbours in 2015. Once I've seen everything having to do with its 30th anniversary, I'll write up those story lines.

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