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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Daytime Emmy Nominations Announced March 31, 2015

Today, it was announced that the Daytime Emmy nominations will be announced during "The Talk" on CBS. The program runs from 2 - 3 pm EDT and will be rebroadcast on Pop at 8 and 11 pm EDT.

According to the press release, "Entertainment Tonight" will be doing a segment with comments from the nominees in the evening and "CBS This Morning" will feature the nomination information during its last hour on April 1st. The Emmy website will post the nominees on Monday afternoon.

Hopefully, this will work well for announcing the awards and it won't just be a 5 minute segment. I also wanted to mention how Betty White is getting the Lifetime Achievement Award per an earlier press release. While she's a legend in the industry, has appeared on "The Bold and the Beautiful" and has a Daytime Emmy for her work for game show hosting, she's someone who has been honored competitively in prime time as well. If anything, I wish she'd gotten an award of this nature from that academy.

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