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Friday, March 20, 2015

B&B: Maya's Secret

On the March 18, 2015 episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful", Maya's (Karla Mosley) secret was revealed by her sister Nicole (Reign Edwards). Below I discuss my thoughts on this development so far, and link to some press articles on the topic.

Maya was born Myron, and is transgendered. Karla Mosley, who plays the part, is cisgendered. While the story is surprising, the main reason I find it to be is that it was established on camera that Maya had a child. This daughter was put up for adoption as Maya was in prison, but sadly died before Maya was released. Due to the character's backstory, I hope Maya will be intersex, or else they have a lot of explaining to do in regards to her daughter. Maya wasn't married, and we met the baby's father, usually young single people aren't allowed to adopt. (If the baby wasn't an issue in her backstory, I'd have no problem with Maya being born 100% physically male instead of intersex.)

I hope regardless of what happens the story is respectful of transgendered people and isn't written for comedy. I also hope they actually bring in transgender performers in more than walk-on roles. If they make it that  the other Forresters use Maya's situation to ruin Rick personally or professionally, I'll be a bit annoyed. Rick's soon-to-be ex-wife, Caroline,  is the daughter of a lesbian couple, so if they have her attack Maya being transgender I'll call foul. There are "low blows" and then there is patently offensive. What amazes me with this is how for so long B&B got flack for not having any regular characters in the fashion, who weren't straight. Now with this, they have jumped way ahead. Historically soaps are known for social issues, and B&B now has remembered those roots.

Here is the coverage from "The Wrap" that includes a video with Brad Bell the head writer and executive producer and Karla. This is what "USA Today" has to say, and "US Magazine"'s coverage.

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Latoya Collins said...

I totlly gree with what you say here. They can totally go the right way with this or they can totally go the wrong way.

I also hope that even though Maya stole back Rick from Caroline that she can be supporting considering her parents. Also nothing disrespectul better come out of her mouth becasue i'm sorry seems like in the beginning when she was jealous that maya had gotten rick from her she was like six seconds away from saying the n word and they turned her role into someone that i could barely look at sort of how they did hope. I still think that's why she quit.

Finally this role shouldnt have gone to the actress. She already had a backstory and i think the explanation was last minute and stupid. If they really wanted to break boundaries they should have gotten a real transgender actress.

Okay really finally i heard somewhere the actress is pregnant so soon will have this awesome storyline but it cant be played out right because all of her shots have to be from the neck up becasue they can't even write in that she's pregnant. SMH can't wait to see what hppenes next.