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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - January & February 2015

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" during the first two months of 2015. This is based on the UK air dates on Channel 4.

A gloved hand is going around the hospital and murdering people claiming both Rick and Will's lives. Neither case as been solved, and no one realizes that they are connected. Dodger lied about pushing Will off the roof and went on the lam to protect Nico. Joe was arrested and released in connection to Rick's death.

Tony and Diane are now divorced and she's keeping him away from the twins. His son, Harry came to town and was able to sneak Tony in for a visit, though Diane discovered them. Finding out that Sinead was pregnant with Ste's baby and not Tony's child, Diane and Sinead reconciled. Finn remains in prison. Lockie and Diane slept together, and Porsche has no idea. Ste and John Paul got married, but their happiness was short-lived as Ste found out his one-night-stand from 2014 was HIV-Positive. Both men got tested, and Ste was positive. John Paul got his job back at the school, but was shocked to see Harry as a student as the kissed. Cleo, another McQueen cousin, came to town, joined the high school crew and has feelings for Harry.

Cindy was demoted from the Price Slice with the arrival of Simone. Zack, her son, will attend Hollyoaks High. She and Theresa bonded, and Theresa lasted about half a day at the store. Theresa now has a position at the high school as Patrick's assistant. Patrick temporarily stepped down, but Nancy's behavior allowed him to be reinstated. Nancy brought drugs to school, which Peri stole. She sold them by the piece and many students were hospitalized. Jack protected Nancy and said the drugs were his. More drugs were found in the house as Dylan (Trevor's son) was trying to help his Dad and was angry with Tom. Thankfully Jack just has to do community service. Esther was thrown out of her home as Frankie couldn't believe she would keep quiet about the drugs.

Leela and Ziggy are engaged, but even with the commitment the relationship isn't what it was. Leela is relying on him to try to give stability to Peri. Tegan still has feelings for Ziggy, and Ziggy is aware of it. They seem more compatible. Tegan still is dealing with cancer, though her first round of treatment didn't work. For fun, Tegan got "mushrooms" and Cameron ate them in soup not knowing they were drugs. He freaked out and admitted to how he killed Sam and Danny accidentally. He nearly left without saying goodbye, but saved Tegan's life.

Peri's tribulations have continued. She had no idea why her biological father Cameron left as Leela won't tell her the truth. Peri also is pregnant with Tom's baby as she got pregnant the first time they had sex. Trevor and Grace were surprised by the arrival of his son Dylan. Dylan and Nico became friends much to Patrick's frustration. To protect Peri, Nico lied and said she was pregnant. Nico was forced to live with Patrick instead of Maxine as Sienna is away getting help and Dodger did a runner to protect Nico from a murder charge. He also tried to get Minnie away again, but was unsuccessful.

Freddie and Lindsey were on the run due to Freddie's part in Mercedes' death. Joe found Mercedes in France alive, but kept it quiet. Kim went to help Lindsey, but Joe followed her. He took their child back, and Lindsey was in trouble. Robbie remains in care for his eating disorder, and Holly is standing by him.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for the first two months of 2015. We'll see what happens next in the lives of everyone in town.

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