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Monday, July 28, 2014

Days: Coma John and those who "Love" him

On Days of Our Lives, John Black (Drake Hogestyn) is in a coma, as he was hit over the head with a fire poker. He wasn't happy over the marriage of his son Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Theresa (Jen Lilley). Below are my thoughts about these developments.

Having Theresa hurt John and tell everyone that Brady did it was understandable from her point of view. It is doubtful that anyone would believe, she didn't intentionally attack her father-in-law. Since Brady was passed out, he has no clue that she is lying, and there is no proof on the fire poker that she handled it. I'm waiting for something to happen so everyone finds out that Theresa did the deed. Will it only come out once John wakes up from the coma?

Brady married Theresa in haste, while drunk. So obviously there was no pre-nuptial agreement. At this point, he's going for an annulment. I'm waiting for Theresa to block this somehow (like they slept together, but he doesn't remember...anything to keep the story running, right?)

Marlena (Deidre Hall) finally acted like she still loves John, while visiting his bedside. The way John and Marlena broke up the last time was quite frustrating as it was over Kristen (Eileen Davidson). Marlena got her revenge on Kristen hurting Brady in the process, and John wasn't there for any of the proceedings. This choice by the writing staff or perhaps someone in production (controlling the budget) went in the wrong direction. To try to tell a story of that nature without a major element of the plot is foolish and hurt Kristen's last write-off from canvas. (Since Kristen is back in Salem or rather Eileen is airing again on Days; perhaps they will touch upon this, but it is possible it will be completely ignored.)

John's story needs to be resolved in some manner. I hope it isn't with a permanent coma or death, but with Days anything is possible. I think the last few years have been almost impossible for people who love John and Marlena as individuals or as a couple. While I can't claim to be in either category, my heart does go out to those fans who invested a long time and may feel jerked around by Days.

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