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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

GH: Six Random Thoughts

Here is a random thoughts post on General Hospital.

These are a lot more negative than normal, but I feel like the program is spinning wheels at the moment.  The plots aren't really going much of anywhere and the characterization isn't being explored in further detail, which would make things more interesting.

  1. While I understand that Michelle Stafford is a big "get" for General Hospital, Nina is a new character. I don't care about her yet, so the amount of time the character is being focused on is lost on me. Having her drug Silas, doesn't help matters. I don't mind her conning Silas and lying about walking, but I don't want a drugging leads to pregnancy story. 
  2. I do like Rosalie, Nina's helper/nurse who is being paid to keep Nina's secret. I'm surprised that I like her, but I do.
  3. I wish I cared about the Bobbie/Scott/Lucy plot, but I don't. I like the characters, but considering how infrequently we see them, it feels like it isn't worth the effort. 
  4. I want to care about Lucas/Brad/Felix as a triangle as it is a first for American daytime television with gay characters that aren't all the same race. That said, the silliness with the binge watching of 80s television isn't helping matters.
  5. I like the Lila's Kids shirts and wonder why GH isn't selling them to raise money for some charity. That said I'm surprised we get more of the kids than the teenagers Molly and TJ.
  6. I'm frustrated by just about everything in the "fake Luke" story, as Tony Geary won't be back for months. I have no idea why they plotted it the way they have and have no idea if it will be worth it once everything comes out in Port Charles.
I apologize for being a bit down with these comments on GH. I hope my next random thoughts post on this show is a lot more positive. 

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Elizabeth said...

I agree with you about all 6 of your thoughts. I don't care about Nina, or even Silas for that matter, at the moment. I wish the writers had let the audience believe that Nina was a truly good person, before they revealed her real motives. Or at least made those motives clearer. Why spend so much time focusing on hurting Sam? Why not concentrate on Ava? Nina has been back for how long and no one has mentioned to her that Nina woke up from her coma? I'm hoping that this whole Nina/Franco story line will lead back to Ava. I also agree about Bobby/Scott/Lucy. I'm really surprised that the writers didn't mention that Lucy had an affair with Bobby's husband Jake and was pregnant by him, or the whole Damian story line, when they were fighting. Since Lucy told Scott how she really feels, we've seen nothing of this story line, nor have we seen Lucas and Bobby together much.