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Saturday, August 30, 2014

B&B: Marriage for Hope and Wyatt

Hope (Kim Matula) on "The Bold and the Beautiful" finally got married. Her groom was Wyatt (Darin Brooks) after she was stood up by Liam (Scott Clifton). Liam rescued Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) from the Seine when unbeknownst to them Quinn (Rena Sofer) dropped her in the river.

No one other than Quinn knows why Liam didn't meet Hope on time in Paris. She was the one who was responsible for Ivy being pushed into the water. Basically again, Quinn interfered with Hope's life so Wyatt could win Ms. Logan. Hope happily married Wyatt as she does love him too. They were together on a boat outside of Monaco. Once they were wed, they jumped into the water. Liam was devastated by the news.

Once back in Los Angeles, all of these people interacted again at Hope and Wyatt's reception. While some people are thrilled for the couple, it seems like Liam isn't giving up, at least not yet. What I found interesting was how Hope reacted to finding out that Liam had been in Paris, and even saw her. The one saving grace for me in this situation was that Liam didn't have to watch Hope and Wyatt wed and not be able to do anything about it. This happened to Hope when he married Steffy. The whole situation seems to be repeating, and I wish that Liam had mentioned how it did.

The story then went into comedy, when Wyatt ran into Bob Barker, who beat him up for not being an animal lover. While watching that, I wondered if Liam set it up, or if it was an odd coincidence. What I'm wondering as a viewer is will this go from a triangle into a quad with Ivy being added to the equation. Honestly I'd just be glad to see Hope stay with Wyatt for a time and see where the relationship goes. I don't want her to have yet another wedding at least in 2014. Due to how this was written I can't see Hope staying with Wyatt forever as she still has lingering doubts about her feelings for Liam.

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