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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

B&B: Story Updates August 2014

The Bold and the Beautiful has started another remote to France and Monaco. I'm not going to discuss spoilers, but summarize summer 2014 before the overseas footage.

Maya became thirsty for Rick again. I liked this development as I liked the triangle with Rick, Maya and Caroline and felt the story wrapped up way too quickly. Rick though chose Caroline again, so it seems like it was just a quick detour. I wish Maya would hook up with Eric or anyone that isn't Carter, since they aren't writing for Carter and Maya as a couple and I'd like a story.

Aly and Oliver are now a real couple. Due to Maya's interference, Oliver told Aly how he first became interested in her due to her being Miss F. She was heartbroken, but he fought in a fake joust and nearly was injured. It was ridiculously cheesy, but I actually really enjoyed it even the Darla head. I can imagine Aly liking medieval cosplay and spending time with her Great Aunt Pam and Pam's boyfriend Charlie.

Wyatt, Hope and Liam are all playing nice for now. Quinn losing her mind and threatening Liam and Hope caused Wyatt to turn on his mom. She went into treatment, but now is out of it again. The owner of the Hope for the future diamond died, and it was left to Wyatt. He gave it to Hope during a press conference, which frustrated Liam. Ivy from Australia, who is another of John's daughters is a jewelry designer, took Quinn's place at the company. (John is Eric's brother, and also the father of Jessica who was on B&B in the 90s.) 

Ridge found out that Bill and Justin were responsible for his falling out of the Spencer helicopter. He told everyone and Brooke was horrified. Since Deacon is back in Los Angeles, it seemed like he wanted to take advantage and get back together with Brooke again. None of this is settled so it is possible that Brooke will chose another man.

That's my quick highlight list for B&B for the first half of summer 2014.

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