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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Y&R: Summer and Austin Wed

Genoa City's newest married couple are Summer (Hunter King) and Austin (Matthew Atkinson). The two have a star-crossed romance and rushed into wedded bliss. Below are my thoughts about what we've seen so far in their story.

Austin didn't expect to fall in love when he met Summer Newman. His reason for coming to Genoa City on "The Young and the Restless" was to get Avery (Jessica Collins) to admit to her part in the death of his mother. Avery helped a criminal get off on a technicality, and he later committed a similar crime killing Austin's mother. That's why Austin was harassing Avery as 4MJ. While Austin was holding Avery hostage, Dylan (Steve Burton) came in to rescue her. He and Austin started fighting over the gun. Paul (Doug Davidson) was shot while everyone looked on in horror. Austin ran and Summer decided to go with him. This became a love on the run story as everyone feared that Summer was kidnapped initially. Both Nick (Josh Morrow) and Jack (Peter Bergman) were upset with her choice of boyfriend, but neither man could stop their daughter. Austin had been shot in the shoulder, but it was a very minor wound as Summer was able to handle bandaging it. (In the old days, such a story would have lasted for a lot longer and the characters would have taken their time to consummate their relationship.) Summer lost her virginity to Austin and actually used protection. He left Summer and turned himself in, while she wasn't looking to protect her.

After using some of her trust fund money to bail out Austin, they wed in a quickie off screen ceremony. Summer also convinced her Aunt Avery to get her legal partner Leslie to defend Austin. Later they had a real wedding as Summer feared that people wouldn't believe in their marriage. Also Summer's sister Faith dreamed of being a flower girl. Jack and Nick walked Summer down the aisle, though they both wished Phyllis was there. Kelly (Jack's girlfriend), Sharon (Nick's girlfriend & former wife), Noah and Courtney as Summer's brother and her best friend also attended, though they didn't believe in the marriage. Jack had talked to the police about having Summer and Austin be arrested for fraud and the police arrived after the nuptials. Jack was able to convince them to not arrest Summer or Austin.

What was surprising about this wedding was that Summer has only had sex with one man, and she married him. She wasn't even pregnant at the time, and there is no triangle. How often does that scenario occur on Y&R? While I don't hate Summer and Austin, I wish Y&R had spent a little more time developing them. Summer and Austin still have to deal with his trial and his part in the shooting of Paul Williams. Since the chief of police survived and there was extenuating circumstances, it is possible, he may get little to no jail time depending on how popular the pairing becomes. So we'll see what happens, but that being said I'm glad that Y&R finally gave Summer a romantic story.

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