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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Soap Stars in Other Places: Crosswits from 1986-1987

I recently found some episodes of Crosswits, which was a syndicated game show that included celebrity panelists. This is a program I'm unfamiliar with, but wanted to share, because of its rarity.
The video of the pilot episode includes the following panelists: Richard Moll (Bull from "Night Court"), Kelsey Grammar (Frasier from "Cheers" at that point in time), Cheryl-Ann Wilson (Kate from Capitol) and Leslie Charleson (Monica from General Hospital).  The program was hosted by David Sparks, and the game play included stars answering questions for each contestant, but the words fit a theme. Richard and Cheryl-Ann played on Pete's team, while Kelsey and Leslie played on Debbie's team. If the star didn't get the crossword answer correct the contestant could guess. Once the contestant figured out the word or phrase that matched the theme they would win the round. During the show, Richard mentioned going back to tape Night Court soon, Cheryl-Ann talked about playing a villainess, Kelsey was asked about being a Shakespearean actor, but he seemed like he didn't want to discuss it, while Leslie spoke about one of her horses. Debbie's team ended up with the most points, and she decided to play with Richard. They were able to answer everything in 60 seconds, so she got a trip to Tahiti. Then she got a chance to win a car. The other actors had a car cards, Debbie picked a car and then a celebrity. Unfortunately they didn't match, so she only got the trip.

Another episode from 1987 is posted online though there is bad audio on this video. This one had comedian Steve Bluestein, actress Lainie Kazan and from Days of Our Lives Michael T Weiss (Mike Horton) and Derya Ruggles (Robin Jacobs). Steve and Lainie played on the same team for Diane and Michael and Derya played for Lisa. Steve spoke about going to Houston for one of their special anniversaries, Lainie spoke about her work in "Harry and the Hendersons", Michael spoke about working in fitness when he was out of work as an actor, and Derya talked about working at a metaphysical bookstore and making lampshades. Lisa, who posted this video, played with Michael in the endgame. Unfortunately they only got eight out of the ten answers correct, so she received a microwave and a smaller trip to Palm Springs.

There are other episodes of Crosswits online, from both the 70s and the 90s. There are also some other episodes from the 80s posted that don't include soap opera performers or are in numerous parts. There is one that includes Jackie Zeman (Bobbie from GH) that is a parts. To check out more Crosswits visit this topic on YouTube.

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