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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Y&R: June Random Thoughts

Here is another round of random thoughts about "The Young & the Restless". This does including casting spoilers, so if you don't keep track of such things please don't continue reading.

  1. Paul was shot and Austin was the culprit. What is up with all the non-core family male characters being criminals: Jamie, Carmine and now Austin. Tyler was thought to be doing illegal things, though he wasn't as was Mason (though he's gone, right?) Since Y&R isn't "Game of Thrones", no one is going to actually have sex with their sibling (not that Y&R didn't tease sibling sex back in the Bell era.) 
  2. I didn't have a problem with David Tom in the role of Billy Abbott, though I guess the show feels that Billy and Victoria are the money couple hence the hiring of Burgess Jenkins. While I watched Army Wives, I gave up on it before it ended so it is possible I never saw him on that program.
  3. I enjoyed Gina Tognoni on both One Life to Live and Guiding Light. That said I am not sold on her playing Phyllis until I see her in the part. If the program decides to deemphasize her character's relationship to Jack it may have a better chance of working due to the large age difference between her and Peter Bergman.
  4. Kevin got his "Dear John" from Chloe very quickly, which was a bit of a surprise as it seems like there is no one else on the canvas for him to date.
  5. I wish I cared about Stitch's secret, but I really don't as unless it is something like he used to be a woman or is like Brody on Homeland. It needs to be something interesting and if all it is is that he had something to do with the death of Kelly's child or had an affair with Kelly I'll snooze. Either of them is way too predictable...
  6. I've been enjoying snide Lily even if I feel like Neal is being too hasty with his relationship with Hillary. They have been dating such a short time, are already living together, and now he proposed. Come on really are they doing this so if/when Devon gets in the way that, it will be "My son stole my fiance instead of my son stole my girlfriend."
Those are just some of my quick thoughts on Y&R for the month of June.

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