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Monday, June 9, 2014

GH: 6 Random Thoughts

Here is another round of General Hospital random thoughts.

  1. It is weird how quickly the West/Westbourne family grew on General Hospital. I doubted when Britt was introduced, she'd get so many connections. Brit's mom is Dr. Obrecht, she has a brother now named Nathan, and newbie Nina is her cousin. Nina is married to Silas, who has a biological daughter Kiki along with his nephew Rafe. Of course, since Obrecht is a "mad doctor" one has to wonder if she had anything to do with Kiki, but that could just be insanity talking.
  2. Why doesn't Tracy recognize that Luke is an imposter? Even if she said something like his time in the institution changed him, I'd like it better. That said, how can the impostor Luke's privates look the same or is Tracy just that farsighted?
  3. Since Michael's become the head of ELQ, he's gone missing. Yes running the company should be hard work, but I'm stunned he hasn't had office sex with Kiki yet.
  4. I like how Molly believes that Rick is innocent of being Julian's boss as it would be strange if everyone thought he was the devil.
  5. Ava should have whose the daddy blues as either Morgan or Sonny is the dad. The only positives I've come up with are: at least there aren't more possible fathers or mothers.
  6. I should care about Jordan and TJ, but I don't, as I don't really know him and her working for the DEA doesn't grab me yet.
So that's a short list of thoughts on GH. Hopefully, I'll have a longer post about one of their stories up in the next few days.

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