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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Primetime TV Binge Update - June 2014

Here's another post listing shows I've caught or caught up with recently in binge format. I'm seasons behind on some shows, but hope to rectify it when possible. This includes show spoilers for some series, but since I'm years behind it shouldn't matter.

Banshee - During the free week, I was able to catch the second season of this series. Banshee is a rather insane show about diverse people who live in this fictional Pennsylvania town where Amish, Native Americans and others commit crime and have sex.

Breaking Bad - I watched the first season on demand. The show was hilarious to me because I took it as a black comedy. Obviously, the show has serious themes about cancer and life, but I just giggled over the insanity of Walt's forays into crime whether it involved killing, public sex acts, or explosions.

Game of Thrones - I did a weekend marathon of the first three seasons of the program. My favorite characters from what I saw were the Starks (even if most of them died, yes I tend to root for families where everyone dies who knew), Dany with her dragons, and Tyrion with his whores.

Homeland - I did a weekend marathon of the first three seasons of this program too. Carrie and Brody may be my new standard for tortured romance (figuratively and literally). And we thought your "ship" suffered imagine being into that pairing. That said the performances and situations were fascinating even if you aren't into shipping.

La Law - I bought season one on DVD, as I haven't seen it since it originally aired. It was the first "grown-up" show I was allowed to watch, but so much of it went over my head. The one thing I noticed is how it has influenced the kind of things I've enjoyed later as it would have drama mixed with comedy, which is my favorite combination.

Magic City - Caught up with season two on DVD as the show was cancelled. Even though they didn't know it was the last episode, the ending worked especially the James Brown song. The disappointing part is that other than Lo, no one seemed to have any joy in their lives.

Masters of Sex - On a free Showtime weekend, I watched the first season of this program. The program is definitely not for children or anyone easily offended by sexual content. Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson were real people, and other than their names I know nothing about them so I can't make a comparison to the actors to play them Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan.

Torchwood - I finally saw Children of Earth and Miracle Day. While I'm not happy with the major death during Children of Earth, I did enjoy it otherwise. Miracle Day was an American co-production and the show felt different for that reason. While it wasn't officially cancelled the show's leads are involved in other projects so who knows if it will ever return.

So that's my list of recently watched shows. I hope to have another list posted about programs that I watched the regular i.e. traditionally way.

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