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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Soap Stars in Other Places: Super Password Soap Opera Special

Back in the 80s, Peggy McCay (Caroline) and John Aniston (Victor) from Days of Our Lives battled Linda Dano (Felicia) and Kale Browne (Michael) from Another World on Super Password. Since all of these shows aired on NBC, this was a good cross promotion for the network.

There is only one episode available online as a full video and another two are posted in parts off of the television that isn't very loud. Here is a link to the first part of the first video in segments (parts 1 - 4). Here is a link to the first part of the second video in segments (parts 5 - 9).

The Another World team is playing for the National Council on Alcoholism though this took place years before Felicia became an alcoholic. The Days of Our Lives team is playing for CARE.

I'm just summarizing the full episode, as it starts at the beginning of a game, so it is very accessible. In this video, Linda explains her character's romantic situation and how it is early on in her relationship with Mitch in late 1986.

The first puzzle was won by the Days team. The second though was a mess and neither won as they couldn't figure it out, which actually cracks me up, sorry.

The clues were:


Kale got the closest saying ball, but the puzzle was fur ball. I just can't believe they got it wrong.

Thankfully the replacement puzzle was answered quickly by Kale, so they could get on with the show. Due to that correct information, he and Linda got to play the cash word, which they won.

The $300 puzzle was won, by the Days team, so now the winner would be decided with the $400 one. They also won that, but the episode ended before we could see them play for the big money.

What is kind of funny is again on the first split up episode the teams don't figure out a puzzle. When I watched these when they aired on reruns on GSN I was "yelling" at the television the answers though obviously it didn't help.

The clues were:


And the answer was dumpling, I think the group collectively has something against things having to do with balls. What made it even crazier is the next puzzle that was used as a replacement Peggy yelled at the answer and it wasn't her turn. Since it was for charity they played yet another puzzle and threw it out completely. On regular shows, they usually would just play on unless it was the host Bert Convy's fault. The Days team ended up winning that game and playing for the money though they only won $300.

The third episode had Linda in shock with the clues eerie and accent, she guessed Dracula and was correct. John also got a puzzle with only two clues of  howard and freckles, which referenced the fictional character of Opie. The Days team won the cashword, so they got more money. They ended up winning the game again, but only got $700 in the end game. The third episode was the last of the week, so we know how much the Days and Another World teams got in total. Another World won $1800, plus a $5000 bonus. Days of Our Lives won $11,300 plus a bonus of $15,000. With such large bonus amounts, one could guess that they expected the actors to win a lot more money for charity.

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