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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Daytime Emmys Not on TV in 2014

It is official the Daytime Emmy Awards will only be available online and won't air on television. The streaming broadcast will be at http://daytimeemmys.net/ , which isn't yet active. Hopefully it will be viewable to people outside the US especially those in Canada.

I read this news at deadline, and here is a link to their site. I would prefer this to be on television for obvious reasons as so many people will miss the show entirely as I doubt NATAS will pay for advertising on all of the daytime shows (soaps and others) to let people know they need to stream it online. The one positive I can come up with is that at least everyone will see the awards given out at the same time as there cannot be a tape delay online. The show will be on June 22, and let's hope they will have all the technical things worked out before the big day.

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