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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

OLTL: Hall of Fame Video

Tonight, Wednesday April 10, 2013, TOLN Youtube.com page had a really cool surprise a new approximately two minute video with clips from the new One Life to Live. This video has spoilers so this entry does too.

The video begins and ends with Viki and Clint (wearing different clothing) and she's wearing her rings. They are the only ones allowed to speak before the music starts. Todd gives Blair a flower, Tea is by herself sad, Jeffrey (a new character) is with Dani and Matthew. There are a lot of scenes at the new bar Shelter with characters like Destiny, Cutter, Jack, Natalie, David and Rama. Matthew and Dani are a couple as they show scenes with them being intimate (what she does with peanut butter is a bit scandalous and we see her taking photos of Matthew posing for her in a towel). Cutter and Natalie have sex, Rama is preparing to join Vimal in bed, Bo and Nora do it, and we see Tea with someone's face blocked out (though it looks to be Victor). Dorian, Tea and Dani all have freak out moments.

The song in the video is "Hall of Fame" by The Script. To learn the lyrics of that song you can check out Direct Lyrics. That site also has a link to the official video for the song.

If you are a OLTL fan or curious about what the show will look like starting at the end of the month view this video. The production values look equal or better to what was on television, which was really satisfying. The best signs of a good video though are the replay value (watching it again and again), mental replay (where you see something in your head after viewing it because you like it so much) and getting the song stuck in your head. This video made me excited for the show, and I hope it lives up to the promo.

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