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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GH: Brenda's Gone Again

Brenda's (Vanessa Marcil) short visit to Port Charles ended on the Tuesday, April 23, 2013 episode of General Hospital. My feelings about this turn were mixed.

Brenda came back primarily to go to the Nurses Ball, which was in honor of her friend Robin (Kim McCullough) who is supposedly dead. Due to a silly circumstance (throwing a roll at Carly played by Laura Wright), she ended up being tossed out of  the event before it began.

The engagement between Brenda and Jax (Ingo Rademacher) came to a quick end once Carly shared how Brenda went to see her former husband Sonny (Maurice Benard). Jax was devastated to realize that Brenda wished things were different with Sonny. In these scenes, Brenda shared the letter, she wrote to Sonny that he never read. This letter may have changed everything for Brenda and Sonny. Jax didn't hear Brenda's words, but knew he wasn't her first choice. He left Port Charles before the ball.

After the ball, Brenda ran into Michael at the bar. He became drunk over his despair over losing Starr (Kristen Alderson), who wasn't mentioned by name. Starr told him that she would never return to Port Charles over the telephone. The next morning, Carly came into Brenda's hotel suite. She discovered Michael and Brenda had slept together. Obviously Carly was horrified, and angry with Brenda. The only person who seemed to be okay with the idea of Michael and Brenda having drunken sex was AJ (Sean Kanan), as Brenda was a supermodel and no longer Michael's stepmother.

At Kelly's Michael and Brenda ran into one another before she left for the airport. Noticing how this situation upset Michael, Brenda shared the truth with him. They never had sex, he took off his clothes, and passed out in his bed. She had tried to sober him up, but was unsuccessful. Her comments were all about hurting Carly, due to losing Jax and not about screwing with him. Brenda had no idea that Michael would tell Sonny that they had sex. Meanwhile, we saw Sonny get upset over what happened with Brenda and Michael. He wasn't upset with his son, but wanted to hurt Brenda.

At the airport, Brenda and Sonny spoke again and she shared the reasons for her actions. Sonny seemed relieved that Brenda didn't sleep with Michael, but that didn't change anything. His life was in Port Charles, and she was returning to Rome. Instead of saying goodbye to one another, she told him that she would see him again.

This ending was better than Brenda's last stint in Port Charles. Was it perfect, no as I wished she had interacted with more people at the Nurses Ball, and hadn't been asked to leave the event. I hope the next time we see Brenda, it is for a longer time or to say welcome back to her best friend Robin.

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