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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

AMC: Thoughts on Episode 2

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary of episode two (April 30, 2013) of All My Children.

Jesse is on the phone leaving a message to Cassandra who didn't get the car that Jesse left her. Angie comes in and he lies. There is a knock at the door at Jesse and Angie's house. It is Dr. Joe. Jesse is with airport security, looking for Cassandra. He is less than helpful. Jesse calls Zach as the car that took Cassandra was registered under his casino. We see what happened to Cassandra as she is being held hostage. Joe shares how Ruth is visiting Jake and Amanda, who no longer are in town while he is in Pine Valley. (In reality, Jake will soon be hanging out in LA, while Amanda will be in Salem or at least that's where their portrayers will be.)

Bianca invites Miranda to a 1 Direction concert. She admits that it has been 10 months since she was into them. Miranda doesn't want to miss the dance even for a concert. Hunter sees them at Jane's Addiction. Bianca left and Hunter mentions how he thought her mom was attractive even if she is a lesbian. Hunter then asked Miranda out on a date.

AJ changes out of his clothes in front of Brooke and she wonders if he is trying out for Chippendales. He's still in high school so there is no way that is happen. (Since this is the second show, and AJ has been naked twice I wonder if the guy has a "nudist" streak or else the Chandler Mansion is kept too warm for him.) We see Dixie for two seconds holding a picture of Tad. AJ tells his grandma Dixie that he's going to Jane's to celebrate a soccer win as he's the goalie. Dixie wanted him to go, so he leaves. Dixie goes to the hospital after talking to Brooke for a moment. Dixie misses that the comatose person moved their fingers.

Opal still calls Pete her baby and wants to update his bedroom. (Pete is also shirtless again, is there something about men in Pine Valley feeling the need to show off their chests.) Some girl named Heather comes in interrupting Celia and Evelyn. She has a condom, and is helping at the Miranda Center. Pete speaks with Jane at the coffee shop and then talks to Heather discovering Bramwell Hall. Jane admits the name of the coffee shop is after her love of coffee and how she quit college to follow the Jane's Addiction tour. We then go back to Celia feeling frustrated over her benefactor not letting her do anything.

We see Cassandra in handcuffs on a bed with a mysterious man screaming. Dixie is at the hospital visiting someone with tears in her eyes. Their fingers move as she walks out as we go to credits.

I liked the style of the new closing credits, though we didn't see next on All My Children. I'm hoping that soon we get more cast interaction as most scenes only have two or three people speaking with one another.

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