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Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Saturday Night Live Soap Opera Parody

Last night, "Saturday Night Live" premiered a new soap opera parody called "Stormy Skies" during the episode guest hosted by Vince Vaughn. This fictional new show "aired" on The Weather Channel.

I liked this parody, and considering how The Weather Channel now has programming that isn't weather, it worked on two levels as a satire of soap operas storytelling with affairs and perhaps a commentary on how TWC focuses on things that have nothing to do with its original goal. There were also jokes on green screen technology. You should be able to view this video on NBC.com within the US.

SNL already has a semi-regular soap opera parody called "The Californians", that airs on "SoapNet", which considering things is ironic as many people no longer have the channel and other than the cancelled General Hospital: Night Shift had no scripted programming within its history.

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